Edie Simmons / Comments

XmafaX  (4 months ago)

Amazing vocals. Great Work

daniel girardi
daniel girardi  (4 months ago)

bonjour bienvenue bonheur talent j'aime les chansons, j'aime l'artiste

Mattias Törnell
Mattias Törnell  (4 months ago)

Nice songs and sound! =D

Matthew Wall
Matthew Wall  (4 months ago)

Great song writing all the rest of The band also great vocals! ;-)

Matthew Wall
Matthew Wall  (4 months ago)

O Yeah! Country Rock! 2or3 measures I'm hooked. Love Rat! Then Your awesome vocal's Edie! Thanks for connecting on RN.

K_T  (4 months ago)

Keep Up The Good Work

The Indestructibles
The Indestructibles  (4 months ago)

Soundin great.......

SpEnt fiXer
SpEnt fiXer  (4 months ago)

Edie! I loved Love Rat! What a well written and brilliantly performed song! Love love love the vocals!

Marcio Tex/Eyezofire
Marcio Tex/Eyezofire  (4 months ago)

Hello Edie, thanks for the kind words ... Loved your music really! Stay in peace, my dear!

KC Daleigh
KC Daleigh  (4 months ago)

This is "Sit Back Saturday"... I'm sitting back in my chair with my headphones on and tuning in to your awesome WORKING MAN BLUES!