Alexander McIntosh
Alexander McIntosh  (6 months ago)

Great work CAPT. Loved my visit tonight. All the best from the UK.

John Rankin
John Rankin  (about 1 year ago)

Arrrghhh! Santa is a scallawag indeed!

Daly  Redline
Daly Redline  (about 1 year ago)

love the music and the vibe \m/.

Minnie Carter
Minnie Carter  (over 1 year ago)

"Hi thar matey." You've really got that pirate sound down. I don't know anyone who could do it better. Great sound track music also for movies. Be Blessed matey.

The CheeseBergens
The CheeseBergens  (over 1 year ago)

Ah, so that's what pirate folk sounds like! Very cool!

Fancy Hoppers
Fancy Hoppers  (over 1 year ago)

Cool pirate sound! Cheers!

7th Order
7th Order  (almost 2 years ago)

really innovative and fun, captain - very refreshing...mahalo for sharing. best wishes from 7th Order in hawaii!

McHugh and McClerking
McHugh and McClerking  (almost 2 years ago)

Dead men tell no tales. Dead music tells no story. You are creative & Florida needs more of you. Keep to the character so many can relate! Massive props!

Matt Mezz
Matt Mezz  (almost 2 years ago)

Diggin the vibes here, KEEP IT UP!

The Ragnots
The Ragnots  (almost 2 years ago)

Very cool pirate songs lad. Much respect,
The Ragnots