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KellySW  (over 9 years ago)
Eh!! Saw you guys play at the Ren. Fair on the last night this fall and gotta say you were the highlight of my day. Cant wait to see and dance along with you guys in feb.! Till then, cheerio mates!
KermitsKeeper  (over 9 years ago)
Ginny B
Ginny B  (over 9 years ago)
Hurrah for the Merlefest gigs!!
Mr.Ed  (over 9 years ago)
enjoyment in the extreme!!
Poitín  (over 9 years ago)
Hey there! Very splendiferous stuff, guys! Al the best, Poitin
Joanne of Disgusted Cats
Joanne of Disgusted Cats  (over 9 years ago)
Hey, I had a traumatic drive to NYC, LOL! The brake fluid leaked out of my car, and the brakes failed on the bridge before the Holland Tunnel. Then, not five minutes later, an enormous daddy long-legs spider leaped from the head-liner and landed in my pants, climbed up my back, and was crawling in my hair, all while trying to merge with 4 lanes of traffic into the tunnel. I thought my friends were going to pee their pants laughing. And, mind you, this was my first drive to NYC. We were most delighted to reach Stout and you were marvelous, as always!!! Dan, I saw that accordian belt buckle and had to get it, but don't feel obligated to wear it. I just brought it for fun. I guess you can call it a Mabelt.
Joanne of Disgusted Cats
Joanne of Disgusted Cats  (almost 10 years ago)
Looking forward to seeing the band at Stout,NYC. Safe travels! Joanne
nmbxmas  (almost 10 years ago)
I love the music guys!
ireland2008  (almost 10 years ago)
Hooray for Musikfest as Pennsylvania really missed you guys! I love the new song! "Jack D." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fve98sfFEOI
Joanne of Disgusted Cats
Joanne of Disgusted Cats  (almost 10 years ago)
There were 11 of us at Musikfet last night, and a fabulous time was had by all. Thanks for a fantastic show! Joanne