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Have a KICK ASS / Successful CD Release Show !!! Tear it up !!!
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Septic Christ - T.C.F.
KGAR CMJ Charts 6-25-12 Hello to all in radio land. Below you will find the KGAR CMJ Charts and Adds for June 25, 2012. KGAR’s Office Hours for Summer 2012 Attention Indi / College Rock folks!!!!!! KGAR’s Indi / College Rock director is Caty Rippetoe. To contact Caty, please email her at startthewildrumpus@gmail.com. Her office hours for this summer 2012 are from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm Mondays. Her phone number for office hours is 559-924-1098. As for your loud rock and heavy metal needs, the homebucket is still your main contact. You folks know how to contact him via email. KGAR -101 E. Bush St.- Lemoore, Ca. 93245 This Sunday, July 1 is the annaual Mayhem Festival in mt. View, Ca. If you are going, holler at the bucket for he will be there. What a great line up. Slipknot, Slayer, Motorhead, and Anthrax on the main stage. The bucket is bummed that High On Fire will not be there for Matt Pike has to deal with his demons. It’s going to be a fun day. CMJ Loud Rock CMJ Loud Rock Adds 1 NILE At The Gate Of Sethu Nuclear Blast 2 MORGOTH Cursed To Live Century Media 3 PRIMATE Draw Back A Stump Relapse 4 AVIYN Aviyn From The Depths 5 DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA Pandora's Pinata CMJ Loud Rock Chart 1 KREATOR Phantom Antichrist Nuclear Blast 2 DYING FETUS Reign Supreme Relapse 3 JORN Bring Heavy Rock To The Land Frontiers 4 GOJIRA L'Enfant Sauvage Roadrunner 5 DR. ACULA Nation Victory 6 RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER Ghostmaker Candlelight 7 IHSAHN Eremita Candlelight 8 MNEMIC Mnemesis Nuclear Blast 9 SPINESHANK Anger Denial Acceptance Century Media 10 SHADOWS FALL Fire From The Sky Razor and Tie Malevolence Records 11.SC_GAWWB_BIO.jpg 12.SC_IE_BIO.jpg 13.T.C.F._WMR_BIO.jpg

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Malevolence Records - 6-26-12, Long-Time Friend & Business Associate, Malevolence Records Label Assistant - "Leta Swanson" & Malevolence Records have gone our seperate ways to pursue different area(s) of the Music & Entertainmewnt Business. I wish Ms. Swanson all the best in her persuit of happiness, carreer change. & overall the best of luck; never know when ya may need it?
Nathan McLeod - Owner
Malevolence Records USA

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Headbangers Zine & Gigs Review / Interview of Septic Christ & their Infected Existence Debut CD; by Hans Hostile of T.C.F. :





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Here are the current happenings in the KAOS camp…
First, we are heading over to Europe at the end of the month to play a few shows with our label mates T.C.F., Septic Christ and AbsentiA! And then...
KAOS is pleased to announce that we have been invited to play this years B.A.M.F. (Bay Area Metal Festival). With a ton of great bands, both local and from afar, this is going to be a HUGE day of metal for the Bay Area.
Get your advanced tickets here:
Join the facebook event here:
KAOS pre B.A.M.F. interview on KaoSJS Thursday July 19th at 9:00pm. You can listen in on the Mayhem right here:
KAOS AMONG US is now available on Cdbaby.com
Awesome Fan Site at Silence So Loud
Upcoming Events:
6/30/12 Return of the Thrashing Dead V Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany
7/06/12 Thrash Torture III Tilburg, Netherlands
7/07/12 Metal Over Oostrozebeke VI Oostrozebeke, Belgium
7/28/12 B.A.M.F. Oakland, California
Here is what the press has to say about the “Validated In Blood” E.P. If this doesn’t convince you to pick it up…
Your Metalness is in question!
Infernal Masquerade Webzine
Battle Helm True Metal Magazine/USA, UK, Sweden
Silence So Loud/USA
Metal to Infinity/Belgium
Power Metal Webzine/Germany
Aristocrazia Webzine/Italy
My Global Mind/Australia
Metal Storm Webzine/Germany
My Revelations Webzine/Germany
Metalcore Fanzine/USA
If you have not picked up a copy of “Validated in Blood”, you can get it right here:
Until next time.....

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Headbangers Zine & Gigs

Tilburg, Netherlands


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A.A.V.V. - Malevolence Records - Metal Over Oostrozebeke

Gruppi: Vari
Titolo: Metal Over Oostrozebeke
Anno: 2012
Provenienza: U.S.A. / Germania / Spagna
Etichetta: Malevolence Records
Contatti: malevolence-records.us
Autore: Mourning

1. KAOS - Internal Bleeding
2. Absentia - If Only I
3. Septic Christ - Yearning For Salvation
4. T.C.F. - An Eye For An Eye
5. KAOS - Let God Sort Them Out
6. Absentia - A Kiss From Hellheaven
7. Septic Christ - Wake Up
8. T.C.F. - Core '88

DURATA: 31:20

The Malevolence Records is a small label that is step by step creandosi the roster, with this release-sampler, which contains eight pieces, two for each team within your reality, presents a view of the European tour that will involve.The tracklist reveals that the names are almost all known to listen to those who follow Aristocracy from the beginning, opening with "Internal Bleeding" thrash violently and adorned with traits "core" of the old school veterans KAOS. The trace output as a single and forerunner of the new ep "Validated In Blood" confirms the effectiveness of the proposal on the combo, heavy and massive, it is added to "Let God Sort Them Out" extracted from the preceding chapter, the full-length "The Pits Of Existence ".Second in order of appearance is the sound of black / symphonic Spaniards Absentia, first with "If Only I" belongs to the latest release, "Our Bleeding Sun", also included in our database, and subsequently around the longest, "A Kiss From Hellheaven "dating back to the debut of" Heaven Still Burns ". The difference between the two is clear, with the latter very immature especially from the point of view of production.We return to thrash with the Teutonic Septic Christ of "Yearning For Salvation", the sound begins softly and caressingly driven by a single melodic trickery, the departure rate is around the corner and the roots of the sound-Exodus Anthrax They come out disruptive. The piece is part of the new album "Guilty As We Were Born" and "Wake Up" is one of the tow tracks from the first album "Infected Existence" to which the undersigned is particularly fond of because it was one of the first online reviews submitted by the Aristocracy , 2009.Rounding out the games T.C.F. (Thrash Core Fanatics), which is clearly explanatory monicker on the choices of sound and the direction taken by the formation of the songwriting, the Dutch arrived ear with "An Eye For An Eye" extrapolated from "Where Madness Reigns", the debut of 2011, and "Core '88" ep including the 2009 "Speed ​​Or Bleed". Nothing new but definitely geared to meet the demand of those living pleasantly "trapped" in the eighties."Over Oostrozebeke Metal" is a showcase of what the show will reserve its Belgian participants and this release is ultimately just a taste, an invitation to try, if not already knew, the bands will alternate on that stage . Around so the ball to you dear readers, and perhaps you become part of your audience.

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Septic Christ - Infected Existence (Import) CD :
Top Selling Metal Album On CD Baby :

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Septic Christ - Guilty As We Were Born CD :
Top Selling Metal Album On CD Baby :

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Hello Nate,

As I told you before, MTI co-editor Patrick De Sloover would take care of the review for Septic Christ’s debut album....
Well, the review has been posted a few minutes ago at: http://users.telenet.be/metaltoinfinity/SepticchristcdreviewInfectedexistence.htm

TCF review will follow soon brother – I’ll stay on touch... STEFAN (MTI BELGIUM)


Metal To InfinityTIC CIST – Infected Existence (Malevolence Records)

First, I received a promo sampler featuring 4 bands of the Malevolence Records label. This split tour sampler is spread all over to focus on the upcoming gig at youth club ‘‘t Ipperste’ which will present a Metal Over Oostrozebeke gig on July 7th. 2012. This all will take place in Belgium, and the four bands on this sampler will be present that same evening. Besides Kaos, Absentia and T.C.F. we get one track of the new Septic Christ album ‘Guitlty As We Were Born’ due to be released in 2012 and one track of their previous album ‘Infected Existence’, released in 2009.

Now, a few days ago, I received another package with that very first album of Septic Christ in it. ‘Infected Existence’ is created by the German lunatics of Septic Christ and their thrash metal assault is really awesome. This release sounds like the good old days, where production wasn’t thát important, but the live feeling was prior to the overall sound. Well, what they recorded in 2009 will hit you straight in the face. This thrash metal monster started originally as Nothing to Nothing, but after two years of existence, they split up. Now they are back and I believe that they are stronger than ever before!

“Infected Existence” creates a feeling that evokes the good old days of Nuclear Assault mixed with some Anthrax and the hardcore style of Pro-Pain. They know exactly how to add melody in their aggressive attacks and all four members of this band play their buds off! I like the drumming style of Joey Collapse very much. He’s going all the way with full speed and a lot of variation from start to finish. Also the guitars of JxNothing is really bad to the bone. The style is delivering the best of the best of the eighties! Combined with the vocals of Bobby Shortleg you will get 8 tracks that will bring on a smile on your face!

Chris Septic is doing the bass and he’s the one that fills all holes to concrete! ‘Infected Existence’ has been playing and playing several times in my player and I really must confess that there is not one single track that could be described as a filler. Every song has an own identity, has the right punch and the perfect style to make you enjoy this band. This is pure amusement with a heavy twist and I’m sure that I will have some great moments ahead with this album.

All this makes me curious for the next album that will be released this year, but I do hope that they will maintain the sound and vibe on the new album. The track that I already heard on the sampler guides me to safe ground. Septic Christ is able to release the best thrash metal album of Germany, and I do hope that they will succeed!

My rating: 89 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)