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Septic Christ – “Guilty As We Were Born”
September 23, 2012
Septic Christ – “Guilty As We Were Born” (Malevolence Records)
Septic Christ are a buncha jolly Germans who play old school thrash when it was fun to do so i.e. before bands began taking themselves and their Bermuda shorts too seriously lol. Still, might as these guys may enjoy a beer or ten, don’t discount their music cos they certainly play tight and on ten! Relentless frash riffola, wang bar excess, stampeding drums and gruffola vox are guaranteed to bring on the mosh pit madness with songs like ‘Bomb Monte Carlo’, ‘Be A Man’ and ‘Screwed And Ill’. What’s even better is that this isn’t a retro trip but Septic Christ have done their homework and read the thrash bible diligently – as such their beats and rhythms, whilst drawing inspiration from decades gone by, are still very much tuned for today’s headbanger. Along with a classic 80s thrash album cover, Septic Christ remind me a lot of Municipal Waste, M.O.D, Anthrax or even early thrash bands like Re-Animator or Deathrow which is no bad thing when you wanna get beered up, tune in and let yer brain drop out!

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Septic Christ

http://www.infernalmasquerade.com/?q=reviews/002203-septic-christ-–-infected-existence-2009 Septic Christ – Infected Existence (2009) Posted August 26th, 2012 by Dark EmperorAlbum Reviews Trash Metal 2009 Other Today we have Septic Christ and their killer debut full-length release titled “Infected Existence”. Delivering an eight track dose of Bay Area sounding Thrash Metal, this Germany band manages to capture the essence of real old-school Thrash and brings it into a more modern and clean sounding stage. “Infected Existence” is one of those releases that feature brilliant riffing from beginning to end and every track should be heard at least one million times to be fully digested and enjoyed. The album title track delivers the first dosage of killer riffs, reminding us a bit of old Metalica in the pre-“Black Album” era. For a two and a half minute long track, this is one hell of an opener. The tempo changing “W.D.W.F” mixes interesting ‘slow’ sections with the typical Thrash speed ups. The vocals of Bobby Shortleg are pretty solid, but the solos and riffs of JxNothing take the cake in this release. The bass guitar abuse on “Walk” make this sound very devastating and feature an excellent opening section before all hell breaks loose. “Three Letters Called Hell”, “Stand Up Straight” and “Permitted by God” keep the onslaught of crushing riffs, featuring heaps of memorable moments and quite catchy chorus sections like on “Stand Up Straight”. The aptly titled “Thrashin With Style” is an epic song that delivers in every single level: excellent drumming, aggressive vocals, pounding bass line, and powerful riffing, we even have to go as far as saying that this is the best track in the release due to its versatility and aggressiveness. “Infected Existence” is definitely one of those albums that ALL Thrash Metal fans should own. This German band has managed to keep the old-school vibe alive while being very aggressive and highly dynamic. If you like bands like Testament, Forbidden, etc, Septic Christ is one of those names you should be able to associate with the greats in a few years. Band: Septic Christ Album: Infected Existence Label: Malevolence Records Release: 2009 Oficial Site Genre: Thrash Metal Country: Germany Rating: 89/100


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Septic Christ - Rasputin Music Distribution - www.rasputinmusic.com
Distribution # 3012336 Guilty As We Were Born

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Septic Christ - Headbangers Zine
Volume II Available, 5Euros + SandH. BandW, 211 Pages, Spiral Bound, Clear Plastic Protective, 6" x 9" In Size,
Contact: Marco van Empel ;

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Malevolence Records - Would like to "Thank" the following people for their "Ongoing Support, Time, Effort, Help, & Assistance" :
Here's to a "Successful 2012 European Tour" :
Jurgen, Chris, Bob of Septic Christ & the JugenCentrum : Waldshut-Tiengin, DE-CH - Jason, Stacey, Steve, Jesse, Chad of KAOS : Hayward, CA, USA - Julian, Miguel, David, Ian of AbsentiA : Oviedo, ES - Rob, Hans, Nick of T.C.F. : Katwijk, NL - Michelle Murray - Management for KAOS & AbsentiA : Hayward, CA, USA - Benny Vandemaele & Family & the Metal Over Oostrozebeke 6 Festival, BE - Helter Brown & the Moderators Kay & Sandra with The Hard & Heavy Commonwealth Forum / Site : Magnolia, DE, USA - Jon Torres of Ulysses Siren : SF, CA, USA - Michael Bradley & 3 4 Web Design : Castro Valley, CA, USA - Leta Swanson - Malevolence Records Label Assistant : Oakland, CA, USA - Marco von Empel & the Headbangers Zine & Gigs : Tilburg, NL - Paul & the Little Devil : Tilburg, NL - Neil Gray from the UK - Stefan Silegham & Metal To Infinity Magazine : Harelbeke, BE - Miguel & Suspiria Records, ES ...
If there is anyone I've forgotten, my apologies ...
Thank ALL of you for your "Help, Ongoing Support, Assistance, Time & Efforts" made to make this all happen !!!
Couldn't of done it all without ya ...
Nathan McLeod - Owner
Malevolence Records
SB-Oakland, CA, USA

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Metal Over Oostrozebeke VI, Belgie

Metal Over Oostrozebeke VI, Belgium - KAOS, Septic Christ, AbsentiA, T.C.F. : Guys ALL did a great job !!! Sure, wish I could have been there, I look at that group photo as my Profile Picture, Ive heard nothing negative, everything positive, and see you ALL had a kick-ass, excellent, great time !!! Good enough for me. Cheers, Nathan McLeod Malevolence Records

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T.C.F. - AbsentiA - Septic Christ - KAOS :
www.littledevil.nl - July 6th @ 8:00PM
ALL Ages Show - 5 Euros
Tilburg, Netherlands
I want to hear WW3 ALL the way from Oakland, California !!!
Tear It The Fuck Up !!!
Malevolence Records

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Malevolence Records - San Bruno, CA
07/01/2012 4:42 AM
Tour Reports?
Come on!
I feel like a damn Hockey Player, (GO SJ SHARKS), sidelined in the penalty box!
Nathan McLeod
Malevolence Records

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"Septic Christ's - Guilty As We We Born CD Release Party !!!"

Saturday June 30th, 2012 :

Septic Christ : Waldshut, Germany
AbsentiA : Oviedo, Spain
KAOS : Hayward, California, USA

At The :
Jugencentrum Tiengin
Breitenfelderstrasse 20
79761 Waldshut-Tiengin, Germany


SHOWTIME !!! Good luck !!!
Nate & Malevolence Records