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Mrs.Sumner  (over 10 years ago)

Hey you guys!
Just one of your HUGE
fans letting you know
how much she adores your
music. The music is amazing,
the type that stays in your head
all day! It doesn't bother though
because I love it!
Keep up the fantastic work!

Freesia  (over 10 years ago)

Hi guys! Well I just had to stop by and give you my love! And I am looking forward to seeing you again.. so come back to CA soon!

PS I am still glad I skipped the Police to see you! LOL

deannah  (over 10 years ago)

Love your new stuff. That drummer is AWESOME!!!
(his former cubicle neighbor)

tomac62  (over 10 years ago)

Hi joe! pete! seton!
Hows things!! just joined your fan club! i want to make sure i get word if you ever come to belfast! after Dublin Concert sounds a good time!! i know i am cheeky :O)


(((rock))) there (((world)))


bcPlane  (over 10 years ago)

"Infectious"...this amazing band has taken over my life. I am completely addicted!! I haven't been this effected by a band in over 15 years!! Keep it comin' boys!

SoCalJen  (over 10 years ago)

Hey Boys! Just can't get enough... hopefully you'll come back to LA some day. Thanks for the ride while it lasted (for me, anyways). Good luck with the rest of the tour.

yogagrl_2029  (over 10 years ago)

love your stuff guys! keep it up - I can't wait to see what's next. Break a Leg in Miami, Tampa, and Ft. Lauderdale next week. I will be in the audience cheering you guys on!!!

Booty Crew Queen
Booty Crew Queen  (over 10 years ago)

Hi Fellas, Glad you got hooked up over here. Safe Journey!

Rockgal  (over 10 years ago)

Anything I can do to spread the word of this AWESOME Band!!!Cheers, mates :)

lorraineruth33  (over 10 years ago)

My FAVOURITE band!! Finally getting recognition!!