Katsumi Yoshihara / Comments

Raëf Nadda
Raëf Nadda  (3 days ago)

Passion night with you reminds me of Steve Stevens.

Guitarzan and the Fretters
Guitarzan and the Fretters  (4 months ago)

Great playing Katsumi, Awesome sound

Dmitry Ivanenko, composer
Dmitry Ivanenko, composer  (4 months ago)

Хорошие работы! Удачи!

Rick Pisano
Rick Pisano  (4 months ago)

Fine musicianship! It was entertaining.

Aaron Dozer
Aaron Dozer  (6 months ago)

Excellent, exquisite style and tone! A great pleasure to listen to your songs ~

Rosette Cribben
Rosette Cribben  (7 months ago)

Fantastic guitar playing...Loving your music....

Daly  Redline
Daly Redline  (7 months ago)

Enjoying your wonderful music ; )

Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society  (9 months ago)

Thanks for the friendship Katsumi. Have a great week!

RS Mahmood
RS Mahmood  (9 months ago)

Ran through the whole playlist of your amazing and breathtaking music my friend. Salutes.

Sami  (10 months ago)

Hi , wishing you all the best …love & respect