The Fabulous Del Counts / Comments

Ron Gesch
Ron Gesch  (about 1 hour ago)

Hi Charles, your vocals are tight and awesome! Whoever does your mixing is amazing. Love your sound. From one veteran to another, bless you brother!

Kim Guthrie
Kim Guthrie  (about 5 hours ago)

Fab sounds all around!! You guys rock!

Bob Hausler
Bob Hausler  (about 7 hours ago)

Hi Charles.

Suzanne Cook
Suzanne Cook  (about 8 hours ago)

Thank you Charles,
I hope all is well.

MetalJesus  (about 9 hours ago)

Listening to your nice tracks.

Dīlee♡Diana Lee
Dīlee♡Diana Lee  (about 10 hours ago)

Always positive playing your song list Charles!

K. C. Beckmann
K. C. Beckmann  (about 10 hours ago)

An outstanding way to enjoy my morning; listening to your phenomenal music! Each song so splendidly performed! Have a great day! Best wishes!

LOST GENERATION  (about 10 hours ago)

killer tunes, guys!!

Madi White
Madi White  (about 13 hours ago)

Great Songs!

Lexless Project
Lexless Project  (about 13 hours ago)

Stopping by this morning for another round of your great music! Have a mice week ahead, Charles!