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MIRA  (6 months ago)

Killing it! Keep it up! We would love to hear what you think of our single, RELIEF!

"da boi" derinho
"da boi" derinho  (6 months ago)

loving "slicing up the clouds", maestro!! atmospheric, and plain bad ass... i've been away awhile, but i have a new laptop now, and i can listen to all my friends and faves again... love all your tunes as always... your huge fan, da boi d

Rustbelly  (7 months ago)

cool original music. I dig it!

Billy T. Scrapper
Billy T. Scrapper  (7 months ago)

it's a play all sunday and ur up my friends.... have a great day . . ....Billy T

Tom Hedrick
Tom Hedrick  (7 months ago)

The Chalice/The Blade is stunning, but so are all the songs on Echoes in Time.

Carlos Wilde
Carlos Wilde  (8 months ago)

Thanks for stopping by and the kind words - appreciate it - Thoroughly enjoyed "The Chalice/The Blade" - Beautifully done - Congrats

Billy T. Scrapper
Billy T. Scrapper  (8 months ago)

"Slicing Up The Clouds" awesome tune... playing all and have a great week my friends. .......Billy T.

Carlos Wilde
Carlos Wilde  (8 months ago)

Stopping by to show some love and support. Enjoying "Is The Mirror Reflecting You?" Have a great day! Stop by sometime and say HI

Extreme Dream
Extreme Dream  (8 months ago)

smooth vocals/harmonies and music., instrumentation and musical vibes. today's listens? The Chalice through No Safety Net. enjoyed the interviews as well...............Tony

Robert Watson
Robert Watson  (8 months ago)

Listening to The Chalice/The Blade right now. calming island groove. Love it.