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Slabb And The Knuckle-Draggers
Slabb And The Knuckle-Draggers  (4 months ago)


Marios Papalexis
Marios Papalexis  (6 months ago)

Enjoyed your work Joy,all the best

Dabier  (7 months ago)

Really Good Music... Great Sounds!!

Earle Scott
Earle Scott  (7 months ago)

good stuff

Donna Dutchess, Songwriter
Donna Dutchess, Songwriter  (9 months ago)

Hello Joy, I'm a songwriter. My song "Try" would be so perfect for you! It is only a few months old and has not yet been cut. Thank you for listening, Donna Dutchess

ITNS Radio
ITNS Radio  (10 months ago)

I have reviewed your music and I am impressed to say the least! I'd like to offer you a rare opportunity in getting some extra promotion for your music. Check out our website @ http://www.samwatkinscountry.com/, particularly the ITNS Radio VIP Artists Section (which we all here agree your group would make an excellent addition to!!) and give us a call after you check it out so we can talk in person 877-726-1792 ext. 1002. Blessings!


Rosette Cribben
Rosette Cribben  (10 months ago)


James Williams   Singer/Songwriter ASCAP
James Williams Singer/Songwriter ASCAP  (10 months ago)

"I Do" is a beautiful" song Joy. Very nice vocal. Thank you. God bless you and yours.

Daly  Redline
Daly Redline  (10 months ago)

huge fan of your talent\m/♥♬🎶 🎶

Brave You
Brave You  (11 months ago)

Rock on, Rock on!!