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Gina Jones
Gina Jones  (4 months ago)


Anagram Noise
Anagram Noise  (4 months ago)

Timeless sound! "Simple Minded" is an outstanding song!

Dave Cunningham
Dave Cunningham  (4 months ago)

Great production !, Diggin' the songs too!

Tom Thebeau
Tom Thebeau  (4 months ago)

Anger grows is an awesome track. Should be on every radio station in the country!

Everhard  (5 months ago)

What a creative guy! Superb!

Angry Paradiso
Angry Paradiso  (5 months ago)

Superb, evocative storytelling mate. Greetings from England.

Raymond Dickerson
Raymond Dickerson  (5 months ago)

Listening to "Old Dan" right now...you and I have a lot in common...Neil left a mark on both of us...Raymond.

Wide River Music
Wide River Music  (5 months ago)

Nice!! Great vibe, vocals and arrangements!

Piet Louter
Piet Louter  (6 months ago)

Hi Kerry, it's been a long while (shame on me) since I visited your page and heard your fresh songs, so now I'm surprised again by your great work!

Dan Farrell
Dan Farrell  (6 months ago)

ANGER GROWS - FANTASTIC! Instantly likeable. Love your stuff man. Greetings from London!