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david namerow (Congas/hand percussion)
david namerow (Congas/hand percussion)  (5 months ago)
anger grows= it certainl does...and you sing the heart of the country with a down-home strength and vitality that are of the times and the frustration we all face. the 12 string layers drive these grooves with a freshly ground cup of americana that is our heart. well done, sir.
Eric Hughes Music
Eric Hughes Music  (5 months ago)
GREAT sounding-songs and sweet recording quality. Nice songwriting. Digging it!
Last Chance Dogs
Last Chance Dogs  (5 months ago)
Really like anger grows! Great work!
Conceited Spoiled Attention Whores
Conceited Spoiled Attention Whores  (6 months ago)
We like Pick Up My Pride. it has a nice pace and great emotion.
FocalAndDutch  (6 months ago)
The energy in "Anger Grows" is wonderful, thanks for the tunes!
the weird angles
the weird angles  (6 months ago)
I love Rocks Tires song. ANd my cat Precious Midnight loves it too! :) Truly. xo, hillary
Ron Karim
Ron Karim  (6 months ago)
Beautiful music, I just added the Anger Grows track to my long commute playlist !
Glory's Gate
Glory's Gate  (6 months ago)
Did some refection with Rocks in the Tires. Didn't mean to - but it happened. Thank you for that.
Kerry Leigh
Kerry Leigh  (6 months ago)
I'm glad the song made a connection and took you some where. That's when music becomes magic. Take care -- Kerry
The HiGrounds
The HiGrounds  (6 months ago)
Great melodies to back up that instrumentation! Good work my man
Anger Radio
Anger Radio  (6 months ago)
I think your sound is perfect, your lyrics too
Kerry Leigh
Kerry Leigh  (6 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words. Great to hear form you -- Kerry