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Tim Stark
Tim Stark  (1 day ago)
Awesome looking rig! Sounds good too! Keep it up!!
Year of the Tiger/Flying Carpet Productions
Year of the Tiger/Flying Carpet Productions  (2 days ago)
I was immediately and thoroughly impressed by your excellent music from the minute I listened to "Anger Grows"! I really dig "Chance", as the song reminded me of artists I love, but yet you maintain brilliant originality in the process. It proves the point that there are so many great musicians that deserve great attention. You are a virtuoso and deserve that attention! Cheers! Todd from Year of the Tiger/Flying Carpet Productions
War&Sin  (2 days ago)
Great songwriting and production. Very enjoyable music Kerry! Well done!
Fairytales & dreams
Fairytales & dreams  (2 days ago)
great sound....loving your music x
SWEET MMM...60´s
SWEET MMM...60´s  (3 days ago)
Great Job! Really enjoyed listening to your tunes!
Ed Bogan
Ed Bogan  (8 days ago)
Anger Growa - Great lyrics, harmony, and arrangement! Added to my playlist. Thanks for becoming a fan.
JetSetClub  (9 days ago)
ok so americana and folk arent my cup of tea, however, your old tires have a great tone to its voice...just saying! stay the course!
Claudio Thompson
Claudio Thompson  (10 days ago)
Loved your songs Kerry, very well recorded!! but my favorite is Anger Grows..Beautiful melody and beautiful lyrics..keep up the good work buddy!! I´m your new fan. Keep in touch!
Kerry Leigh
Kerry Leigh  (9 days ago)
Thanks for the kind words Claudio. Great to hear form you. -- Kerry
The Tom Baker Project
The Tom Baker Project  (12 days ago)
I spent a little time listening. Great words! I concur. I'll be back to hang out! Awesome work my friend.
david namerow (Congas/hand percussion)
david namerow (Congas/hand percussion)  (29 days ago)
anger grows= it certainl does...and you sing the heart of the country with a down-home strength and vitality that are of the times and the frustration we all face. the 12 string layers drive these grooves with a freshly ground cup of americana that is our heart. well done, sir.