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Comfortable Cats
Comfortable Cats  (5 months ago)
Drummer is brillant , good guitar playing that mixed with the gospel harmonies, really interesting Key change and tempo clever lead lead guitar. Reminded me of the seventies. vocals were unexpected and enjoyable Tony Rock On !!
Debbie Anthony
Debbie Anthony  (5 months ago)
Great sound...harmony is sweet!
TillyRiddle  (5 months ago)
Good songs here=)
Captain Space Clown
Captain Space Clown  (5 months ago)
Cosmic greetings Tony
James Kiser
James Kiser  (5 months ago)
Very nice tracks beautiful harmony guitars
Y Who
Y Who  (5 months ago)
glad i stopped to listen, great vibes, check out Grapevine for me and like the fb if diggin at www.facebook.com/ThaRealYWHO lates
Franky Red Cloud
Franky Red Cloud  (5 months ago)
Fantastic work ! "in the name of king " is awesome
local rock
local rock  (6 months ago)
Great album enjoyed it .
Ja'Mane  (6 months ago)
Wow, just started listening, deep lyrics/conscious, ima fan
Baby Boy J
Baby Boy J  (6 months ago)
Wishing you much success this year 🎶 have a wonderful day ⛅