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Istarii  (2 months ago)

"Fool" - memorable melodies and excellent structure.

CletusMaxx  (2 months ago)

Love your songs and sound!!! Cheers Ron

Tony Brown
Tony Brown  (2 months ago)

"Instant fan" Amazing! Talented!! Artist!!

Andee Willén
Andee Willén  (2 months ago)

you sounds really great!
I like your guitar work
wish you a lot of fun and success
cheers Andee

Dan Singer
Dan Singer  (3 months ago)

sounds great!

Bonde Sem Freio
Bonde Sem Freio  (3 months ago)

Cheers!!! Success!!!

Society's Soul
Society's Soul  (3 months ago)

Hi! Thanks for becoming a fan. I really like your music - great stuff! You have my support, thanks for yours! It's very appreciated! Best wishes for much success. Have a blessed day. Stay in touch.
Mario M. (Society's Soul)

Ricky Ray Band
Ricky Ray Band  (3 months ago)

Wishing you and your music all the best!

Thompson & Grondahl
Thompson & Grondahl  (3 months ago)

Really nice work Melodie and crew!

Rick  Sparfven
Rick Sparfven  (3 months ago)

Just awesome....!!!