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Review: T.C.F.-Where Madness ReignsBand:T.C.F. (NL)Album:Where Madness ReignsYear:2011Tag:Malevolence Records Tracklist:01. Slave Of The Suit02. Face The Truth03. Mass Hysteria04. Where Madness Reigns05. An Eye For An Eye06. Survive The Plague07. Justified Violence08. I Like Ike09. Punch In The Face10. reality's Nightmare11. Power Corrupts12. Duck And Cover13. We Will SurviveThis comes from the area of Katwijk trio picks up the thread on where bands such as D.R.I., s.o.d. or Nuclear Assault that have left with this great debut. Each crossover fan who goes out of his sphere to previously mentioned band can purchase this album blindly.T.C.F. (Thrash Core Fanatics # is started in 2006 by Rob Slaughter # drum # and Hans Hostile # bass and vocals #, intended as a kind of outlet in addition to their other bands, Incremental and Enforcer. In that year, they also recorded their first demo ' 88, # 10 Core numbers with a playing time of 15 minutes #. When it became apparent that T.C.F. However, a real band began to be they are looking for a guitarist, which they found in "noise gate" Nick, # which at that time still played at Speedchaser #. The first performances in 2009, with the valve the first EP Speed or Bleed which got rave reviews in various e-zines. 2010 was totally a top year with a.o. 3 shows as opener for Heathen during all Dutch shows. Even they were offered a record contract with a small German label, but who could not afterwards meet all expectations, and from one day to another they sat again without label. Even without a label, the band is not going to try and have continued with the shooting for their new album.In 2011, the band, now housed at Malevolence Records, with help from producer Quintijn Verhoef in a studio in Utrecht started recording the new songs. This is now Where Madness Reigns from emerged; who currently has a what dated cover where 3 of the 5 world leaders already dead or deposed. But this album sounds just counting numbers and tight 13 hour as a clock. Funny also the sound fragments that between songs by gliding past. Especially with Duck and Cover, this excerpt comes from a cartoon from 1951, which is about a turtle # Bert The Turtle) that explains what people should do when a bomb attack, just Duck and Cover. Eventually the fragments known as good weather where the numbers are about.In this genre you have no minutes long and they do expect good numbers, bring your message and nothing more. Fortunately, they are now full of tempo changes, energy and aggression. Also the vocals sound really good and have the correct ' old-school vibe. " To now discuss each number is lost time, but listen, you won't regret it. This is really a top product of own soil. I must admit that it's not to hear my top favorites this year, but he is close to.Hans Hostile-Bass and VoxRob Slaughter-DrumsNoise Gate Nick-GuitarsCreated on 25-10-2012 by Peter van der Wielen

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Extreme MisanthropyExtreme music journal and emotionally demandingT.C.F.Posted on October 24, 2012«Where Madness Reigns»Malevolence Records/PRC3/5Who likes to thrash and crossover left pass the Dutch premiere T.C.F. ' Where Madness Reigns» last year, now has a good chance to redeem themselves with this American Edition made by Malevolence Records. To have an idea, T.C.F means "Thrash Core Fanatics" and the trio of South Holland consists of people with names like Hans Hostile, Rob Slaughter and Noise Gate Nick. It is, therefore, well half of crossover hardcore thrash with that ' Where Madness Reigns» does your strong, inheriting proudly the legacy of bands like Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I. or the latest Municipal Waste, adding very little to the proposals of these bands but doing something very valid in more traditional style created by them. The intensity is there, too, as well as a sense that it takes to play punk crossover. Later, the T.C.F. Pepper everything with a refined sense of humor (listen to ' I Like Ike ') and with a socio-political awareness, which does give a velente nip in E.U.A. and in its foreign policy in "Power Corrupts". «Where Madness Reigns ' is therefore a crossover thrash album for thrash crossover, which adds nothing to the style but retrieves it in all its splendor, speed and aggressiveness.OuvirComprarAbout these adsShare this:TwitterFacebook1Gostar disto:GostoBe the first to like this.Tagged: crossover, t.c.f.Posted in: Críticas

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T.C.F. - From the biggest Dutch print magazine AARDSCHOK (Earthquake) one of the oldest and most prestigious metal magz in Europe.

This months' surprise comes from our own soil! Hailing from Katwijk to be exact. This three piece delivers good old crossover/thrashcore that takes me back
to the golden days of DRI, Nuclear Assault and Attitude Adjustment with a slight hint of Anthrax. Tight playing, good production and overall fluent, instantly
recognizable songs form the ingredients of the thirteen tracks on this disc. It's easy to say you can hear these guys having fun playing and personally I find these guys
to be better and more authentic than for instance Municipal Waste just to name an example. The pace is generally high, but mosh parts and some melodylines aren't
forgotten. A good example is the bluesy guitar lead in the center part of "An Eye For An Eye" which is instantly followed by the relentless "Justified Violence".
Absolutely Phat disc!

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Arriving through Malevolence Records, today we have T.C.F a Dutch band playing some very well crafted Thrashcore. If you didn’t know the band is from the Netherlands, you would easily mistake them for any band from the late 80’s, early 90’s from the USA. Delivering thirteen tracks of balls to the wall Thrashcore, “Where Madness Reigns” is a pretty solid release for any fan of the genres.

With a very authentic vibe, the band opens with hateful riffs and powerful drums on “Face the Truth”. Keeping the initial vibe rolling, tracks like “Slave to the Suit”, “Mass Hysteria” and “Where Madness Reigns” feature very typical song structures that will have you jumping up and down immediately. It is quite funny to think that this is a fairly young band since they nail 100% the atmosphere needed to pull off this kind of music.

The riffing and tempo changes on tracks like “Survive the Plague” and “An Eye For an Eye” are clear cut examples of brilliant transitions from Thrash Metal sections to more Punk-oriented ones. Our favorite track is the super catchy “Power Corrupts”, a high-octane song that nicely shows the band’s riffing powers. The vocals in the album are quite good and have that old-school vibe to them. They also don’t have any noticeable accent and this is a big plus since there are some Thrash/Crossover bands from France (no names will be mentioned) that have horrible pronunciation and kill the mood of the album.

If you are a fan of Thrashcore, this is one release you don’t want to miss. These Dutchmen manage to capture the original sound perfectly and deliver solid tracks backed with tight drumming and excellent riffs.

Band: T.C.F Album: Where Madness Reigns
Label: Malevolence Records Release: 2011

Oficial Site
Genre: Thrashcore
Country: Netherlands

Rating: 85/100

Nathan McLeod


Malevolence Records©


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Septic Christ - Headbangers Zine
Volume II Available, 5Euros + SandH. BandW, 211 Pages, Spiral Bound, Clear Plastic Protective, 6" x 9" In Size,
Contact: Marco van Empel ;

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Malevolence Records - Would like to "Thank" the following people for their "Ongoing Support, Time, Effort, Help, & Assistance" :
Here's to a "Successful 2012 European Tour" :
Jurgen, Chris, Bob of Septic Christ & the JugenCentrum : Waldshut-Tiengin, DE-CH - Jason, Stacey, Steve, Jesse, Chad of KAOS : Hayward, CA, USA - Julian, Miguel, David, Ian of AbsentiA : Oviedo, ES - Rob, Hans, Nick of T.C.F. : Katwijk, NL - Michelle Murray - Management for KAOS & AbsentiA : Hayward, CA, USA - Benny Vandemaele & Family & the Metal Over Oostrozebeke 6 Festival, BE - Helter Brown & the Moderators Kay & Sandra with The Hard & Heavy Commonwealth Forum / Site : Magnolia, DE, USA - Jon Torres of Ulysses Siren : SF, CA, USA - Michael Bradley & 3 4 Web Design : Castro Valley, CA, USA - Leta Swanson - Malevolence Records Label Assistant : Oakland, CA, USA - Marco von Empel & the Headbangers Zine & Gigs : Tilburg, NL - Paul & the Little Devil : Tilburg, NL - Neil Gray from the UK - Stefan Silegham & Metal To Infinity Magazine : Harelbeke, BE - Miguel & Suspiria Records, ES ...
If there is anyone I've forgotten, my apologies ...
Thank ALL of you for your "Help, Ongoing Support, Assistance, Time & Efforts" made to make this all happen !!!
Couldn't of done it all without ya ...
Nathan McLeod - Owner
Malevolence Records
SB-Oakland, CA, USA

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T.C.F. - Current Radio Show
Show 29 2012

1. Nerocapra - S.A.
2. Septory - Blind Bastard Manifest
3. Waning - To The Smouldering Next
4. T.C.F. - Justified Violence
5. Martelo Negro - Sob Os Cascos De Sata
6. Lord Of War - Warpath
7. I'll Eat Your Face - Enslaved By The Prawn Master
8. Goatfukk - Drunk, Slut, 666
9. Akma - The Assassin
10. Chaos Inception - The Abrogation
11. Deadborn -Second Order Cybernetics
12. Master - Smile As You're Told

To download the radio show as a MP3 file click here.

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A review of TCF has been posted at the site: http://www.brutalism.com/content/tcf-where-madness-reigns

Twan Sibon
Markiezaatpad 5
5628 BR Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Phone/SMS +31 6 231 33 859
Fax +31 847 16 59 67



T.C.F. - Where Madness Reigns

Track Listing:
Face The Truth
Slave Of The Suit
Mass Hysteria
Where Madness Reigns
Survive The Plague
An Eye For An Eye
Justified Violence
I Like Ike
Punch In The Face
Reality's Nightmare
Power Corrupts
Duck And Cover
We Will Survive

3 out of 5

T.C.F- also known as Thrash Core Fanatics- embody the music they worship. On their debut the music is as catchy and furious as one can get, following the path of groups like Slayer, Exodus, and even Kreator with a bit more of a Rock n' Roll touch to the music. Each track is pretty much rooted in basic Thrash- fast, churning tracks that either are performed in bursts such as "I Like Ike" or with lengthy solos such as on "An Eye For An Eye." One can definitely hear the Slayer influence in the dark tones of "Mass Hysteria" and "Punch In The Face" definitely churns of Exodus. To add more original moments, T.C.F. also tosses in some recorded samples at their opening tracks such on "I Like Ike" or "Duck And Cover." Sometimes these moments seem a bit silly, but they help break up the monotony of most of the tracks because without them the album would feel like just one giant run-through without too much variation. True, the music here isn't the most varied, but most old school Thrash fans will find that T.C.F. live up to their name well by making the music as hard as possible while paying tribute to the heroes of the genre who made it a reality. It's not a modern marvel, but will appeal to the excitement of those who really like a good riff or two.

Label Name: Malevolence Records
Label E-mail: malevolence.usa@malevolence-records.us
Label Website: http://www.malevolence-records.us
July 14, 2012 - 21:25Posted by devilmetal747

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Metal Over Oostrozebeke VI, Belgie

Metal Over Oostrozebeke VI, Belgium - KAOS, Septic Christ, AbsentiA, T.C.F. : Guys ALL did a great job !!! Sure, wish I could have been there, I look at that group photo as my Profile Picture, Ive heard nothing negative, everything positive, and see you ALL had a kick-ass, excellent, great time !!! Good enough for me. Cheers, Nathan McLeod Malevolence Records