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Marion Halliday & Trickster Sister
Marion Halliday & Trickster Sister  (14 days ago)

Your music is fantastic - humor and heart-filled. Love it

Thompson & Grondahl
Thompson & Grondahl  (14 days ago)

Nice productions TB! Really loved "Mediocre..." and the story was even better! Also love the "old" but best analog equipment!! All the best and keep it coming!

Suburban Cry
Suburban Cry  (14 days ago)

Really digging your music and performances. Happy to be a new fan. Thank you for the support.

Maybe  (15 days ago)

Bag Weed on my mind right now...:)

markthayer.co  (15 days ago)

Haha. Love that one. That was my thinking i was Stevie ray Vaughn moment. One of the greatest guitar wizes in the music world..

Guitarbeard  (15 days ago)

This guy plays really cool!!!

markthayer.co  (15 days ago)

Thanks my friend. Hey have you ever tried wix.com? They walk you through the creation of your very own website and take no commission from the widget they let you have. Check out my link i have so far. Did this in one hour this morning.

MIRKO FAIT (sax)  (15 days ago)

Thanks ;)

markthayer.co  (15 days ago)

Almost gave up on finding the right store for my music in the world. But Wix.com is the place..I can now work along side Reverb and maybe get some revenue for my efforts..

magicsong  (16 days ago)

Such fun listening to 'Mediocre Singer In A Band' in frigid NYC, waiting for the snow ~~~~Magicsong

markthayer.co  (15 days ago)

That song came to be when my band played a club and the bartender was asked how the band was. He says "the singing was Mediocre" lol..

Tomorrow Bird
Tomorrow Bird  (16 days ago)

Great stuff! Loving Concrete Jungle 😊
Also love the Beatlehoven description 😉

markthayer.co  (15 days ago)

We all got to figure this collective thing out. I just joined BandCamp and together with reverb gonna try to run an actual store....

Guy Darby
Guy Darby  (16 days ago)

Sounding great !

markthayer.co  (15 days ago)

Thanks friend..

Thadeus Project
Thadeus Project  (16 days ago)

Got you on the Chicago playlist. Always a great stop. g

markthayer.co  (15 days ago)

Check out my BandCamp site i joined. You might like that one. I researched a dozen of them and landed on BC..
Just click on profile status..