Rob W Carlson / Comments

Claude and Noella Larente
Claude and Noella Larente  (3 days ago)

Hi, Good job, "Nightmare for breakfast" very cool

GregnDeb Classical Acoustic Band
GregnDeb Classical Acoustic Band  (8 days ago)

Loving the music here!

Blissful Agony
Blissful Agony  (10 days ago)

Wow- some of the best blues vocals I have ever heard! Cagey playing as well. Instant fan here!

Dan Singer
Dan Singer  (11 days ago)

great tunes!

Nancy Woods
Nancy Woods  (22 days ago)

I'm a "Blues Fan" and I have to say, you guys are at the Top!!! Love your Songs!!!!

WhipperSnapper  (26 days ago)

facebook.com/WhipperSnapper thanks you for being a fan! "She Ain't Shy, I'm Her Kind of Guy" is SWEET!! Seriously soulful sound and great vibrato vocals! Keep on Rockin!!

Sean Kelly Murray
Sean Kelly Murray  (28 days ago)

Great Mix, Great voice, great lyrics, most excellent!

Margaret Kemp Carlson
Margaret Kemp Carlson  (about 1 month ago)

Always my favorite singer!

paul steven silva jr
paul steven silva jr  (about 1 month ago)

Good stuff Rob!

Estellere Music
Estellere Music  (about 1 month ago)

Wonderful music and delivery!