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Allison Abbo Simon Lowe
Allison Abbo Simon Lowe  (6 months ago)

Greetings Tori, I stopped by to show support. Love your music. Keep up the great works.

Weston Simonis
Weston Simonis  (6 months ago)

Great sound, I love your voice!

Darren Lawson
Darren Lawson  (6 months ago)

Hey Tori, Some mean sounds going on ! Loving the new tracks ... Power to you ..xx

Enoch.Arcane  (6 months ago)


CHIMERA  (6 months ago)

Great stuff! Good luck with your music.

Kidale Smith
Kidale Smith  (6 months ago)

I take it back your WAAAY BETTER THEN GEWN!!


Kidale Smith
Kidale Smith  (6 months ago)

You kinda sound like Gwen Sefani

Thug aKa Mr.5150
Thug aKa Mr.5150  (6 months ago)

Hey there fan of your music I like it alot we should actually do something together text me my cell phone number is 252-474-6603

"Golden Voice" Curtis Henderson
"Golden Voice" Curtis Henderson  (7 months ago)

Thanks fan, HOT music HOT voice!

J.FIZZ  (7 months ago)

MAMA Said is my favorite song in the world girl you got skills please fan me back it would mean a lot