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Jonathan Toole
Jonathan Toole  (about 4 years ago)


Soul Angel sExsplodesively Expo
Soul Angel sExsplodesively Expo  (over 4 years ago)

Tight As Brothers Your My Best Friend As LORD JESUS Is smile heart I Love You Mann smile Almond Joy From Amen heart

JÈ SUIS Not The Ône TU BE Fukt WitT

KING DAVID thus Thee Throne of "Make Mak A live veli" Eli

Me Love My Makaveli Fathers Day! SON of DAVID! :) What A Dad within TUPAC :) He Has Been To A Shorty Like Me At Age 16 In 1996 :) When All Eyes On Me Opened My Eyes to Making Music & I Wanted To Rap Like My Daddy TUPAC & Play BasketBall Like My Daddy JORDAN ♥ Back then in 1996 there was More Arcades & Go`Kart Place & Lots of Theme Parks, I
n 1996 When A Pair of Micheal Jordan Shoe
s Came Out You Saved Up Your Money 3 Months Ahead of Time The On The Release Date You Would Skip School & Go To The Mall & The Mall Would Be Jammed PAC in front of Foot looker & Finish Line X & Play maker, Then You Would Go to The Music Store & Grab A New Release Like Tupac, Biggie , Nas Jay Z Red Man & Method Man, The Fugees O.D.B T.L.C Jodeci , Mary J, R'Kelly Salt & Pepper Chino XL En Vogue Heavy D, M.C Hammer , Queen Latifah, Man I Love The 90's These the Days When Only House Phone Had Caller I.D & Some Teenager May have Had A Pager , And It Was A Big Thing To Have A Sky Pager, Cell Phone Were Kinda Rare, We Used The neighborhood Phone Booth As Are House Phone , Every One Knew There Phone Booths 411 By Heart , It Was A Big Thing To Go To The Mall Just To Check Out The Record Store & spend a Few Hours Listening To The Record Store Juke Box! Before 2PAC was Caught Up in A Wirl Wind & Caught Up To Heaven , The Internet Was A Waist of Time! Yeah There Was A America Online & Net Zero Back Then, But We Were To Bizzy Riding Are Bikes Around The City While The Girls Played Jump Rope All Day & We Were 16` This When Mothers Would & Dad Would Give You A Whipping with A Belt Even To an 17 year Old Boy or Girl`, Are Parents Didn't Play Back then Boy! These Kids Know Just Don't Know How Good They Have It! I Just Wish One Day We Could Have A World Wide Family reunion So We All Can Get Together & Remind Our Kids & Your Parents & Grand Parents Can Set Down With Us & Relax & Gossip About Old Time & How Things Have Change, And Tell Us Stories About The 70's & 80's , I love To Flash Back & Go Back in to Time & See What School Was Like & The Malls & the Way Are Family Dressed & Talked, & The Music They Listen to! One Thing I Noticed With Time & I Observe A Lot & Recall So Much! In the Winter Time When We We're Kids In The 80's the Snow Was Pure White & Fluffy ,. I Think Are Water Vapors Are Getting Old & We All Need To Help Each Other & One Another & Give Our Friend A Hand! I believe We All Can Make It As One Earthly Family On This Plant of a Planet, We Just Have To Give It A Shot, & Let Former Things PASS OVER LAMB & live as one fold my darling Mothers & Brothers Who I Love So Much ♥ Happy Fathers Day TU MY PAC TU MY FLOCK Happy Fathers Day To My Single Mothers & My Single Gram Mothers Raising There Grand Children & To All My Strong Brothers & Mothers Around The Globe That Give A Child A Chance & That Gives A Child Some Comfort & That Gives A Child Protection Some Affection & T.L.C, Happy Fathers Day To All My Brothers & Mothers That Gives Good Insight To The Children & That Gives A Child A Drink of Water & Food When Hungry :) ♥ In LORD JESUS CHRIST LAMB of GOD I wish Us all A Happy Fathers Day For The Love You Give To Your Mothers & Brothers of The Earth, Happy Fathers Day to My Sister of Sistaz, Your My Mother Know & I Thank You Father We Our Know Tight As Brothers Your My Best Friend LORD JESUS :) ♥ I Love You Mann :) Almond Joy From Amen ♥

Soul Angel sExsplodesively Expo
Soul Angel sExsplodesively Expo  (over 4 years ago)

THÈ KÈYÔNLY ÔNÈ LÔRD ALLAH NÈÔ CHRIST LAMB of ISLAM starlight kisses of Grace ~Metrictronicaly~ Who She Not Eye` I Spoke On Cock Eye , My Tongue Movez Like A Dead Man Who Moon Walkz With A Trill Jack! How Realz Is That ` Not Real Enough From A Killa That Might Blast Him Self , When Read A Book From off A Self, I Take It In Who Bail Me, Went Threw Trial, Don't Sale Me Out! 2 Packed Arena , Mak Come Threw Like A Black Whodini, So What Cha Front ` Rabbitch Out A Hat Trick, Bytch` I Pull A Stunt , Ha' Call The Lambulance Layed On A Table He Who Heart Know Plugged off Jumper Cablez, Battery Fluid Fed Me Str'8 Threw Thee Nablez ` Ghost Commin From ` Dead Again, I'm Just Airing Out! Pull The Wire, Like Timez Exspired , Know Meet Thee SIRE, Lust Your Desire` Sparked Flared I'm Plugged Again , You Drug Me In & Pulled Me Out Who Made Me Sin, Till This Sent Get Out , Open Up Close Yo Mouth, Scream For Joy , I Kait Hear You Make Some Nosie , Reload Cock Back & Load This So You Notice Who's Not Ice , Naw I Just Invoice , Make The Moves The Choices Choices , Echo's I'm Hearing Voices Voices, Heart Beat Bangin So Loud Still Dreaming Right Know & I Wright Down These Nosies Noises,. Makaveli ( pac ) returns on 2014
7.4.14 Larry Hover Until The world Blow Btch
7411JESUS G0D2617
April 1 Fuse Matrix or Treats This Halo Ween My Brew Family Crazy` Just Like Them Of The B.C Yet I Still Love Them When Every One In The World Is Against Them I'm Still There` & Yes They Getz Out of Line At Timez , But These My Folkz & I'm Right There For Them! I Overstand Yall Worries & Struggles ,. I Bet If We Were Born Rich In The Suburban With No No No Hate From The World Ruler & Told & Treated With T.L.C Our Seeds Wouldn't Have Fell into Thee Stonez Of Dirt Trail , Uprooted I Shall Replant The House of the REAL!! As ISRAEL ♥ theater i FEEL like DANCING , i'm Sol motivated So i Will Shoot a Dance and Rap Show today Show Casing Some new Styles and Trinities I'm adored to,. so Prepare for A big bang lolzz . . Wow!!! KING BEY unleashing the "END of Time Video in less then 7 days, so Prepare for a fear & wipe out of retail boat sells, yep!!! I'm working with Anthony Solange & Beyoncé Giselle Knowles with a NBC reality Show & many Job Offerings Even lil Wayne asked Me to Come down to Miami & Work with Him Nicki & Drizzy on a YMCMBeyonce Mixtape & Beyonce Wishes for Me to be thee Director of Her House of Dereon Movie Casting & Manage Solange & Juelz career in the Music & Movie Industry,. Sol Many Blessing Our Lord Jesus has Graced Upon Me Sol I'm Very Thankful & Happy [:)]

Soul Angel sExsplodesively Expo
Soul Angel sExsplodesively Expo  (over 4 years ago)

Yo whole zone cooked, shook & bottled hour glass molasses classes of crooks that followed, JUICE i pour out, doubled you dot's spot come enter @ my store house, i got some more clout, sweat pours & trinkle, i swear i Str8 pressed More then Wrinkles` Vivid moment my directions link to like cling chain link to pull lethal, Vest Coated Full Melt Jacket, Navy Seals Tiger Stripe & Tats Cover My golden casket, Rap like Bandanna from Bread In Basket, Q.B ask E.t Dreams Of Notes From Bishop's Paster, H8 Rook In position when the Scream Hurts It Makes The Dream Worst, Who Seance Worst, i'll Out Burst like 3D threw Your Screen 1st, Stash This Clip Up In Yo purse Reach Up Under Your Skirt` to Give Birth, Slide In Between The Slit Like cartridges, art ridges bridges Genes Gesis, Nemesis, Solar Can ya See Me, ripley's believe it or not, I on Time Looking Like Ninjahz Assassin Dreaming of Watch, Look See Who's Stopping The Clock, Loaded Roster Cock Loaded Simi Auto Glock Locked Reloaded ,. .