Prime Time Probation / Comments

Jimmy Fleming
Jimmy Fleming  (about 1 year ago)

Great songs and sound ... nice work!!

Cormorant's Fancy
Cormorant's Fancy  (about 1 year ago)

Music that was worth the wait! thanks for your support--we're glad to opt in and to play your tracks!

K. C. Beckmann
K. C. Beckmann  (about 1 year ago)

Enjoying your splendid music this morning! Superb vocals! Best wishes!

Mike McWilliams, drummer
Mike McWilliams, drummer  (about 1 year ago)

I love your writing, guys. Well executed too.

Mladen Jurlina Deny
Mladen Jurlina Deny  (about 1 year ago)

Nice, awesome job... well performed songs..!!

Toshikazu Maruno
Toshikazu Maruno  (about 1 year ago)

"Howling" is great tune! Love it! Very cool vibes!!

Cos Grassano
Cos Grassano  (about 1 year ago)

Solid material my friends. Listened to your songs tonight and I found them most enjoyable. Keep up the great work.

Catapult Fusxion
Catapult Fusxion  (about 1 year ago)

very moving music ...

LOST CITY BAND  (about 1 year ago)

Stellar music PTP!!! Peace, LCB/jeffrey

Risto  (about 1 year ago)

Very Kool music..I love drugs!