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Skyskrapa / Comments

Hatchet  Records
Hatchet Records  (about 5 years ago)

I like the music Homie, I run Hatchet Records, a Underground Juggalo Record Company, and id like to sign you to Hatchet Records. MMFWSKCL

Magic 617
Magic 617  (over 5 years ago)


Th3 M05t Unknown
Th3 M05t Unknown  (over 5 years ago)

(Skyskrapa & Big Gr33n)
If you gon' Kangaroo Jackin' me in the club and try jumpin' me on some bullshit,
You gonna see the reaal outback,

Look at me nigga,
I'm mutha fuckin' shinin',
Born this way,
Blingin' like a diamond,
Broke bitches, step back when your club I'm in,
Throw switches, get fat dollas' I'm spendin',
My world has zero room for you to fit it,
Chains to my knees constantly spinnin',
Y'all ain't got shit on me niggas,
I got 6 rockets and a push button trigger,
Don't hate cuz I'm white,
And not a wiggga

(Str-8 Jack-it)
All these niggas hatin' got my face straight cheesin',
B-boys on the block, cuz you know I'm rakin' Gs' in,
Steppin to a boss nigga, betta get to talkin' quicker,
Finger on the fuckin' trigga,
Turn into a wigsplitter,
All I really know is that you need to pay me,
And hate me,
Bitch niggas tryin' to flex me daily,
All I really know is that I 'm hot off that skunky kush,
Six hundred dollars an ounce, all Skush,
Flown in from the afgans, by the fuckin' Taliban,
One hit nigga and you out like god damn,
Six blunts in my hand,
Can't no one understand,
I smoke more than any man,
Bong is in my other hand,
Now my verse is over like,
God damn

(Big Gr33n)

Get the pussy drippin' like the beat to this song,
When they see my dong, like nine feet long,
Doubles as a pole girl, go on shake ya thong,
See this fat guy so fly in his ride,
Ain't a Beamer, Benz, or Bently, it's a jet floatin' by,
Fuckin' get so high,
I reside in the sky,
And I only smoke one ounce joints at a time,
And I only fuck with class A felony crimes,
Went to Africa and bitch slapped a lion,
Oh, what you think I'm lyin'?


Breakin' yo neck,
Trying to taste my rep,
Shit, while I skyskrape,
Y'all haters take naps,
See me stick out on the map,
Shake you cats,
Turn my face when you speak,
Nah, I can't even smell your breath,
My aroma reekin,
Like excellence and weed,
Your insulting my intelligence,
Bitches better leave,
Tricked y'all bustas,
Drip,drip, I'm fresh motha fucka please,
Girl lookin impressed,
My path's golden,
Like falls trees,
The chosen,
Call me god,
Y'all mutha fuckers better woship,,
Cuz I'm so fuckin' sweet so fuckin' fresh,
Just to hear me you better feel blessed...Bitches