The Wood Brothers / Comments

jean  (4 months ago)

Awesome music forever

Ylva & Linda
Ylva & Linda  (4 months ago)

Great music! Hope you want to fan us back!
Please subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow our music and we will do it back!

Mickey P. McGee (OliveMe)
Mickey P. McGee (OliveMe)  (4 months ago)

Awesome music The Wood Brothers!

Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas  (8 months ago)

Really great tunes. I like Spirit!

Mark Reitenga
Mark Reitenga  (8 months ago)

Blue and Green is my favorite song. TODAY

Jim Camaren
Jim Camaren  (11 months ago)

Oliver. Really liked your playing and singing since I first heard you at party at Joe Davies in Atlanta. Gave me reason to see you play at House of Blues in Chicago later on.
Would appreciate you giving a listen to some of my tunes. Joe's on guitar, think you know the other players, including Al Perkins and Andy Reis, JT from Hornsby, members of Poco, Joe Strummer, Ozark Mt. Daredevils, (jack bruno of Joe Cocker/Tina Tuner) etc. Truly not trying to name drop, only establish minimum interest for you to listen.
Sincerely, not trying to get anything other than you to listen. and mostly for the other players, especially Joe, who engineered, played and produced the songs. Would very much appreciate a response. Best jim
BTW. I wouldn't do this if I didn't think they were good songs.

Chavilbus  (12 months ago)

excellent songs, beautiful acoustic sound, like your style !

The Crossing Crew
The Crossing Crew  (about 1 year ago)

Your Bluesy Folk is where it's at! I love the harmonica working against the melody and guitar in Where My Baby Might Be.

Andrew Lavoe & The Black Market Saints
Andrew Lavoe & The Black Market Saints  (over 1 year ago)

I love you guys. Keep grinding... Peace Love and Justice

Wesley Pelle
Wesley Pelle  (over 1 year ago)

Great songwriting and music !