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Rick Salazar and The Twisters
Rick Salazar and The Twisters  (over 1 year ago)
Glad to see you Keep On Rockin'! My sister was part of your crew in the Greenwich Village days. Hope you do a show in Central Ohio someday soon. Would like to see you perform and meet you if possible. Take care and Keep On Rockin'! 8-)
Rake Flier
Rake Flier  (over 2 years ago)
Many years ago my drummer told me his brother who was in a oh so much more popular band than us had a connection with his agent in LA to screen test for a TV show but most of his mates were not attractive enough for what the Hollywood producer wanted so he thought hey my little brother and his guitar buddy are a couple of good lookin' dudes and can probably play OK for a media that can do retakes and overdubbing but NOT facial reconstruction - are you kidding? Hollywood? Television? Count me in! So we do the photo shoot and demo submission...and wait...and wait...finally I hear we were runner-ups...they liked us, but not THAT much! I found out about a year later that we were auditioning to be Monkees!
Suburban Cry
Suburban Cry  (over 3 years ago)
Those vocals are so hot!
Ben Gilliam
Ben Gilliam  (almost 4 years ago)
I love your wrenches,Monkey and Tork.
Benny Pitsinger
Benny Pitsinger  (almost 4 years ago)
Great tunes! I remember seeing you live in Edgewood, Maryland 10 or 12 years ago. You've still got it!
Lofi Double Kanon
Lofi Double Kanon  (almost 4 years ago)
I like your music!! good job .. i like all your music, greetings
Awesome Tanya
Awesome Tanya  (about 4 years ago)
The Boulton Brothers Band
The Boulton Brothers Band  (about 4 years ago)
Hey, Gooooood vibes here!!....................... Please drop by and have a listen to our playlist if you have time ,TBBB
Overnight Collides
Overnight Collides  (over 4 years ago)
Awesome tune's! Luv the energy! Check us out sometime. We'd luv to hear from ya :) - Overnight Collides
Beki Brindle Band
Beki Brindle Band  (over 4 years ago)
Love the swing element. Very sweet - cool!