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Rich Layton and The Troublemakers
Rich Layton and The Troublemakers  (over 6 years ago)

Takes a whole lot of courage to seek feedback. On that merit alone I am a fan. Now to the music and my opinions.
Intros on all songs- one of them runs 40 sec., and the payoff is the most shopworn lyric in all DIY songs "well I don't know". OUCH- You can do better
Tune your instruments. The guitar is especialy out. Fair enough strumming.
I'm not hearing hooks, interesting bridges.
WAY too much slow dirge type grooves and lyric content.
Vocals sound a bit contrived-dial down the Tom Waits.
Mix in some 2/3 part harmonys to punch up and accent.
You have potential, but need a LOT of direction.
Not trying to slam you- follow your dream, bro! Keep at it, and who knows?

Water Moccasin
Water Moccasin  (about 6 years ago)

Hey Rich - Thank you so much, it is so hard to get honest feedback and I don't want these songs to be so completely internalized, but it's just me recording and mixin' on this stuff so it really means a lot to get some honest critique that I can work with. Will be happy to return the favor if you ever need an ear on anything you're working on :)