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It's A Trade Thing
It's A Trade Thing  (3 months ago)

Very melodic sound and sweet vocals, thanks for being a fan. #KeepYourHeadUp

The Sean M. More Band
The Sean M. More Band  (3 months ago)

Thanks for the add! I appreciate your support of my music. I really like your work. I wish you much continued success!

Chuck Sadosky
Chuck Sadosky  (3 months ago)

Thanks for the contact. Peace.

Sonia Eden
Sonia Eden  (3 months ago)

Enjoying your wonderful music!!!

Computer Sounds Music
Computer Sounds Music  (3 months ago)

Wow, I'm sold. Your music and voice,..so beautiful and heart felt. Love Mama said. This will be my song for a season, thank you. Everything will be alright!

Lenu  (3 months ago)

I love your sound couldn't help it but share you with my friends on twitter nice work

Randy Smallman
Randy Smallman  (3 months ago)

Good tunes. Well wrote and performed.

Alejandro Evdemon
Alejandro Evdemon  (4 months ago)

great work!

Brian Jerome Project
Brian Jerome Project  (4 months ago)

Very nice, thanks for the follow, when you have a chance, please come visit my website and maybe download your favorite tune, I sure would appreciate that, blessings to you!

Kirk Baldwin
Kirk Baldwin  (4 months ago)

Very well written tunes. Engaging lyrics and melodies