Yucca Rose / Comments

Marios Papalexis
Marios Papalexis  (18 days ago)

Hi dear Yucca,i am a great fan of your beautiful Art

Sami  (about 1 month ago)

Amazing .....................love and respect

Mammsie Graham
Mammsie Graham  (3 months ago)

here to listen to a beautiful artist and a beautiful person (=

Kevin McGowan
Kevin McGowan  (3 months ago)

lovely lush sounds! : )

watercourse/ jEROME wALSH N.BABYLON NY
watercourse/ jEROME wALSH N.BABYLON NY  (3 months ago)

i really like your voice cool!!! good bass player didn't realize such nice music was popular in in Indonesia your a very talented woman thanks Rose jw

Waldemar Lumma
Waldemar Lumma  (3 months ago)

We like your voice, your soundtracks and thank you for your friendship to us here on reverbnation,greetings from germany Tadeusz & Waldemar ;-)

ExGravitus  (3 months ago)

Fantastic original styles supported with excellent instrumentation and production

Mladen Jurlina Deny
Mladen Jurlina Deny  (3 months ago)

Enjoying some great singing here .. beautiful !!

mark wedekind
mark wedekind  (3 months ago)

So very nice that you are enjoying my music, many thanks for taking the time to find me. Yucca I have been listening to your voice, music production, chords, melodies and I must say I really love your groove, simply stunning music/voice so smooth it just takes you somewhere nice .Mark Wedekind

Dmitry Ivanenko, composer
Dmitry Ivanenko, composer  (4 months ago)

Хорошая музыка сопровождает песни, реально хороший голос!