Kangaroo Knife Fight / Comments

Jamie King Colton
Jamie King Colton  (11 months ago)

Keep Rockn' guys !!!!! Kansas City here I come !!!!My drummers dad sang that song !!!

Little Bus Einstein
Little Bus Einstein  (11 months ago)

Cool song guys! Thanks - Jason

eeiano  (11 months ago)

Superb stuff...cheers!

Mickeyray  (11 months ago)

Great Rock Sound, looking forward to seeing some more Songs up here soon :-)

PATROUX  (11 months ago)

Great music and vocals , Bravo !

Robert Allen
Robert Allen  (11 months ago)

Fantastic! Wonderful music and vocals! ✌

Maximilian D
Maximilian D  (11 months ago)

Glad to listen you music... greetings from Italy.

Jah B
Jah B  (11 months ago)

sounds good i like the music and the voice

Jimmy Parker
Jimmy Parker  (11 months ago)

Great clear vocals. Great job...keep up the great work.

late night crisis
late night crisis  (12 months ago)

Superb sound. It's You is great!