Test Tube Jesus / Comments

The Bunter Wilmot Show
The Bunter Wilmot Show  (almost 10 years ago)

Hi the Jesus!

Thanks for the comment. Your sound is mellow and thoughtful, very nice.

Nick John Henry
Nick John Henry  (almost 10 years ago)

Hey hey Test tube jesus,
thanks for your kind comment! Your voice and music kind of reminds me of Frank Zappa.. I hope this isn't a bad thing to you. Its not to me!

Charlie Warner
Charlie Warner  (almost 10 years ago)

Hey TTJ ... checked you guyz out from reccomendation from the Nobantonite page. You guyz sound b&%$#@y brilliant. Im downloading your tracks tonight. First few are great, keep on rockin!

BONE TRIGGER  (almost 10 years ago)

Thanks guys for being a part on Bone Trigger bitch'n fan base...you got wiked kik;n trax here, ihighly recomend...keep the scene kik'n

Soft Shell Promontory
Soft Shell Promontory  (almost 10 years ago)

thanks for the kind words, I'm diggin' some of your sounds too

sarah sebestyen
sarah sebestyen  (almost 10 years ago)

Nice trax. Unique sound. I dig it.

Brainwave Supernova
Brainwave Supernova  (almost 10 years ago)

Amazing material you have amassed, the vocals are absolutly incredible, really emotional and dark. Great mixing too! Im jelouse haha. Cheers!!!

Pat Rye
Pat Rye  (almost 10 years ago)

Hi!!! Just checked out your tunes, and right off the bat with Magnetic Forces, I was like woa this is so disturbing, then it suddenly turns into a beautiful chorus. I also love the guitar playing on Wherever You Go. I'll be adding u guys. Rock on!

Marilyn Childs Duncan (MCD)
Marilyn Childs Duncan (MCD)  (almost 10 years ago)

Hi, thanks for adding me, YOUR SOUND IS GREAT...! I LOVE YOUR VOICE...it has soul...FANTASTIC......and after reading your bio on here, I have to tell you, "THAT YOU HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB"...when you are old and grey, I hope this adds to your memories........xx

The Powergoats
The Powergoats  (almost 10 years ago)

You guys have a really cool, unique, distinctive sound. I really like your stuff!