Swampman & The Machine / Comments

Debbie Kauble
Debbie Kauble  (22 days ago)
All the best to you.... (I need coffee apparently)
Debbie Kauble
Debbie Kauble  (22 days ago)
Enjoying your smooth sounds this morning! Great guitar... so emotional..... wonderful musicianship! Thanks for fanning me back! Allbtge vest to you!
RAWK - N - ROLL OUTLAW  (4 months ago)
Hey Cuz, I am jammin out to :Take A Walk on the Wild Side", killer sound cuz, got it cranked loud n proud!
Van Shepherd
Van Shepherd  (4 months ago)
smooth blues with a touch of southern rock. nice guitar work.
Greg n Deb
Greg n Deb  (5 months ago)
Nice and Smooth Swampman!
Art Mulcahy
Art Mulcahy  (5 months ago)
Nice Grooves Up Here!! Killing It!!
Jerry & Dalia's New Music
Jerry & Dalia's New Music  (5 months ago)
Wow Love your music, keep it up
Stephanie Alexandria
Stephanie Alexandria  (5 months ago)
"Fade to Blue" and "Caravan of Souls" are absolutely incredible songs! Your guitar work is so amazing, wow. I have your music is background today as I work, so great! -Steph A
Colleen Morrow
Colleen Morrow  (6 months ago)
enjoyed stopping by to listen ! Great sound , cheers !
Uitgekafferd?!  (6 months ago)
Cool Sound!