Mystical Majesty Band (Beatles Cover Band) / Comments

The HOBONAUTS  (about 3 years ago)
Great job! Loved each song!
TheOtherManInBlack  (about 3 years ago)
Dropping by to show support and wish success on your musical journey. TheOtherManInBlack
Giovanna Sclafani
Giovanna Sclafani  (over 4 years ago)
Wow... just listened to your live video performance of 'the weight' and Golden Slumbers medley..... I am impressed! There are a lot of Beatle cover bands around but not many can do justice to this great medley of songs. You did a fantastic job even with the guitar Jam near the end. Your drummer also did a great 'Ringo' like performance. Kudo's to your band and just so you know I don't say these things lightly as I am a huge Beatle fan that goes way back!!!!
Mystical Majesty Band (Beatles Cover Band)
Mystical Majesty Band (Beatles Cover Band)  (over 4 years ago)
Thank you for the kind words. We try very hard to sound like the Fabs. It's not easy! Will be adding you to our friend list. Much appreciated~