Silent King(Jakstoni Dias) / Comments

Blumartini and the Blue Notes
Blumartini and the Blue Notes  (10 months ago)

sweet sounds

Nite Ride
Nite Ride  (10 months ago)

A guitar I could listen to all the time. Thanks for sharing!

Ace Whitehot
Ace Whitehot  (10 months ago)

Sounds great

Ecologyngle  (10 months ago)

1️⃣ is totally off the charts AMAAZING Silent King! Cheers for continued creative success * Patricia :)

Tom Blackburn
Tom Blackburn  (10 months ago)

I like it! It's smooth and jagged at the same time in places. Thanks for becoming a fan of my page so I could get a chance to hear your work.

tommie brewster
tommie brewster  (10 months ago)

Thank you for visiting my music.
Enjoying listening to your smooth sounds here. s

Soulhedge  (10 months ago)

Excellent fusion!

Regal Hardware
Regal Hardware  (10 months ago)

The birth of something new and invigorating!

Tom Hedrick
Tom Hedrick  (10 months ago)

Beautiful music here. Admire your playing.

Jerry Valentine
Jerry Valentine  (10 months ago)

Very Hip, love it