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Rake Flier
Rake Flier  (over 1 year ago)

I wonder if it's really been nine years since anyone left a Comment on this page? The upcoming Show schedule is current...so, somebody must maintain this page...but THERE IS NO BIO OR VIDEO...somebody buy these guys a camera! The Bio could include things like that funny rumor of how the band got together, the backstory for writing Psycho and how the games played by Hollywood music types make the World so much more difficult to navigate than any millennial traveler should be made to endure! Who would not want to read about that?

Roni  (almost 11 years ago)

You guys rock!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Lady Khaibit
Lady Khaibit  (almost 11 years ago)

I really love you guys!!! Are you going to put out a new album anytime soon? *sigh* that would be SWEET!!!

Luvs and Kisses
Lady K

ViC<3  (almost 11 years ago)

I absolutely love you guys!!!

RONNA  (almost 11 years ago)


Phan'OMudd  (almost 11 years ago)

Puddle of Mudd music is even better live!!!

\m/MeShell\m/  (almost 11 years ago)

SO glad to see you are on reverb nation.... it is a wonderful way to unite people through music!!!

Peace, Love & Music


POMuddRockOn  (almost 11 years ago)

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