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El Wud
El Wud  (3 months ago)

Nice and beautiful !

Tim Slatz
Tim Slatz  (3 months ago)

Beautiful Prog Rock - All the Best as the world needs more Authentic Music we are staving for good nutritious work like this

Robert Watson
Robert Watson  (3 months ago)

Love the music.

Brad Lindenberg
Brad Lindenberg  (3 months ago)

I very much enjoyed the 2 songs Blue Moon & Empty Wait. Sounds very original & put together nicely. Keep it up!

Mike Dillon 54W
Mike Dillon 54W  (3 months ago)

Very cool!!!

Shade Of Memories
Shade Of Memories  (3 months ago)

Love Crystal Shadow!! I really dig the time changes :)

slackshop  (3 months ago)

rockin...i love the graphic for the name....bad ass...

The Directorate
The Directorate  (3 months ago)

You guys fucking rock. So beautiful.

Roberto Sass
Roberto Sass  (3 months ago)

Great sounding tracks! I like The Aged Grey very much but all real nice! Cheers! Rob

Tracey Cracknell
Tracey Cracknell  (3 months ago)

'Crystal Shadow' - excellent...... love your sound ! Guts