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Xakestar / Comments

STEAMMakaBANKROLLS  (2 days ago)

crystal showdown rockin bro

Spence  (3 days ago)

Nice! Keep it up and thanks for suscribing!

Edward Matthews
Edward Matthews  (4 days ago)

Peace, love & respect from Canada. Thanks for your support, guys. Wickedly rockin' groove! Keep on kickin' it!!

Vytallity  (4 days ago)

Awesome stuff guys! Thanks for checking us out

It's A Trade Thing
It's A Trade Thing  (7 days ago)

Hey guys rocking grooves, thanks for fanning us.

The Atlas of Tears
The Atlas of Tears  (7 days ago)

Thanks for the fan guys! You are absolutely awesome! I love your deep sound, very tight and very very cool! Keep on rockin! Peace, love and super success to you,, best wishes from Australia! PS. Let me know when the album comes out! :-)

Redeen  (8 days ago)

Nice production values. Keep pouring sweat.

Ged Rodger
Ged Rodger  (9 days ago)

Hi guys. Thanks for the nod... Wonderful work, beautifully constructed and produced. Thank you for your efforts. Best wishes.

Dream Unchained
Dream Unchained  (9 days ago)

Great music speaking its own language! Great band with its unique voice!!
Wish I could see you in Kiev!

Space Elation
Space Elation  (10 days ago)

Just Kickass Killer! Great Tracks!