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Chasin' Jasons
Chasin' Jasons  (over 4 years ago)

Had a lady whose name is Laney come up to me in a store today, and out of the blue said she could not wait to come to our show Sunday. I immediately said thank you, and that we are looking forward to it also. She said we are her favorite rock band around here and we make her want to rock out everytime she has seen us. She said she was bringing a bunch of friends. I would guess this lady to be in her fifties looking at her. She explained how when she was in her twenties she had a favorite rock band she followed and we remind her of them, back in the 1970's. My ears perked up, and I again said thank you. Her birthday is Monday and they are all going Sunday to rock in her 71st birthday, and this is what she chose to do. I told her congratulations. She said " I bet you thought I was a Shagger or line dancer, well I am not. I am a rocker, grew up with best rock and roll bands in my younger days, and will be a rock chick till I die. She said she liked some new country, but mainly rock. That other crap is for old people, she exclaimed. She proceded to let me hear her Led Zepplin ring tone on her phone. I just grinned, and said, I'm with ya. I will never pre qualify anyone again that I don't think likes rock and roll because of there age. Never. Still smiling, and wishing I can be just like her at 71.
I gotta get this lady a t-shirt........

Chasin' Jasons
Chasin' Jasons  (almost 5 years ago)

Can't wait to see you at House of Blues!!!!!! We know it will be another fantastic night listening to you guys!
The 'thank you' probably goes out to ALL of YOU ~ we had a great summer getting together with friends to see and hear Chasin' Jasons. We always enjoy whatever you put together for us :) So, THANK YOU.
Patti & Jim Corey

Cortez & The Killers
Cortez & The Killers  (over 5 years ago)

Sounding great, keep the Blues Alive!


Paul Robert Thomas
Paul Robert Thomas  (about 6 years ago)

Loving your great sounds!
Good luck & all the best from Paul:)!