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Kevin M. Thomas
Kevin M. Thomas  (almost 5 years ago)
sandra sarra
sandra sarra  (about 1 year ago)
Otto Zone
Otto Zone  (about 5 years ago)
Passing through showing some love & checking out your work....very cool stuff !!! Best wishes for an awesome music year!!! ........................................oz
Steven D Watkins
Steven D Watkins  (over 5 years ago)
Good stuff, Sandra!
Kerry Leigh
Kerry Leigh  (about 6 years ago)
intuitive perceptive compositions and compelling performance! Take care -- Kerry
Zac Vann
Zac Vann  (about 7 years ago)
yea it's a sort of joke i guess. george carlin said that white people shouldn't be doing anything but giving people the blues. we have no business playing them. i kinda agree, that, and bongos.
Zac Vann
Zac Vann  (about 7 years ago)
digging the mad scene jam. any song remotely having to do with nut huts or things of that sort are awesome. p.s. - this site has the coolest captchas