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Ingrid Westberg
Ingrid Westberg  (3 months ago)
Thank you for being #1 on my top 10 fan list too!!!
The Mighty Rock Farmers
The Mighty Rock Farmers  (3 months ago)
Stopped by for yet another listen. I always love good Hip Hop. Listen to our song's "Idaho" rhythm track...Tell me what you think. Thanks
Robert Illo
Robert Illo  (3 months ago)
appreciate those kinds words, on your page vibing now.
Black light 414mob Yprod
Black light 414mob Yprod  (3 months ago)
came for another jam session true king my brother mark love it
Lambert  (3 months ago)
Good job, I wish you success Congratulation !
Strictly Hip-Hop Promo
Strictly Hip-Hop Promo  (3 months ago)
fam, some tight sounds over here
DJ Francis Marcki
DJ Francis Marcki  (3 months ago)
Great artist!
Lynda Linda
Lynda Linda  (3 months ago)
Watt is Light
Watt is Light  (3 months ago)
A Thug's Prayer, my personal favorite. You are poet for the right, unity and love. And your powerful, good quality music is very impressive. Many thanks for sharing your creativity with us!
Heidi-Marie Arapa - Music Composition & Orchestration
Heidi-Marie Arapa - Music Composition & Orchestration  (3 months ago)
Just checked out your tracks. YOU are a very versatile Artist. Great sounds keep up the great work.