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LARCENY  (over 2 years ago)

GREAT songs here - enjoyed to listen!
If you have some time - check our songs.
Maybe you like it and fan us back?
Many greetings from Germany,

MALEVOLENCE RECORDS©  (about 4 years ago)

From Metal To Infinity Webzine:
Hails Nate,

First on, both Sanity's Rage and Leave Scars never sent me any promo stuff to review (at least, as far as I can remember).

Both bands' songs on Perseverance Compilation CD were so damn good, I really will collaborate with them by writing down

a review in the first place followed by setting up an email interview. Do you have a personal contact with them? If so, let them

kniw that I'm interested, what we ask are physical promo's of their latest outputs. Feel free to give them my email address so they

can hook me up whenever they want too. Again, they're really good in the fields of Thrash Metal, Bay Area styled and that's what I like!!

Also same story for X-Tinction... what a great Thrash Metal act ! Maybe they'are able and willing to send me some promo stuff,

awaiting to their new one that'll be released in 2014. Perhaps you can let them know that we at MTI are ready for a collaboration.

They'll bring on physical promo stuff, we do both review and interview with pleasure.

Benny's a friend of mine and will set up an interview about MOO when the time is right Nate. It'll take a while but a promise is

a promise to me... I will work out the questionnaire as soon as I can. You can count on it.

So Nate, tell the bands about my interest in their way of Metal in hope they're ready for a collaboration.

Concerning to an interview with MOO, that's a hundred percent guaranteed fact that Benny will answer my questions with pleasure.

Just keep me informed about all of this brother... great opportunity and pleasure to me, Metal keeps me going on forevermore!

Rock 'n Roar, Stefan


MALEVOLENCE RECORDS©  (about 4 years ago)

Metal To Infinity Webzine Interview with Malevolence Records©:
Hails Nathan,
Meanwhile, the interview has been published at the following url:
As for me, really good and informative interview - thanx a lot for the collaboration brother !
Next work for me to complete is setting up the questionnaire for Ulysses Siren.
I hope to begin working on it next monday - the questionnaire will be send straight to Jon Torres, as promised.
Nate my friend, I definitely let you know when the interview with US has been published... meanwhile, all the best brother !
In Metal, Stefan

MALEVOLENCE RECORDS©  (about 4 years ago)

Metal Over Oosteozebeke:
Thank The Following:
Gina (to let me be as metal as I want to be), Delphine, Jairo, Koen, Marino, Carla, the rest of the family, friends, (for the helping hands at M.O.O.), other friends (you know who you are), and all the bands that have played at M.O.O. past and present. Special thanks to Nathan McLeod and Malevolence Records for his help in my metal world. Sponsors, visitors, fans... NO PARTY WITHOUT METAL!!! FB: Metal Over Osstrozebeke.
Malevolence Records Thank The Following: Aegror (DE), my daughter Aurora Gray (OR-USA), Benny and M.O.O. (B), my son David Storm (NV-USA), Helter Brown (DE-USA), Inessa Gonzalez (For The Malevolence Records Website Maintenance), KAOS (CA-USA), Kay Eichler (DE), my uncle Kevin Wilhelm(CA-USA), Leave Scars (B), Mad At Sam (CA-USA), Sandra and AmandA (NL), Sanity's Rage (B), T.C.F. (NL), Ulysses Siren (CA-USA), X-tinXion (NL), and Stacey Murray for the CD artwork / layout.
This CD Is Dedicated To And In Memory Of: Dean R. Wilhelm 1948-2012
USAF Viet Nam Veteran 1968-1972
Jeff Hanneman
...Rest In Peace...

MALEVOLENCE RECORDS©  (over 4 years ago)

Malevolence Records© Presents
In Association With Metal Over Oostrozebeke 7, Belgium
Perseverance 2013 (Compilation CD)
Tracklist :
1. Mad At Sam - D.C. (District Of Criminals)
(CA-USA) www.madatsamoakland.com
2. Aegror - Behind Walls
3. Aegror - Prophecy
(DE) info@aegror.de
4. Sanity's Rage - Once You Cross
5. Sanity's Rage - Taste Of Decay
(B) www.sanitysrage.com/
6. T.C.F. - Mean Machine
(NL) www.facebook.com/thrashcorefanatics
7. Leave Scars - The Arrival
8. Leave Scars - Trapped
(B) www.facebook.com/Leave.Scars
9. Ulysses Siren - Justifiable Homicide
(CA-USA) www.malevolence-records.us/
10. KAOS - Blood Red Eyes
(CA-USA) www.kaosamongus.com
11. X-tinXion - The Divine
(NL) www.x-tinxion.nl
Limited Edition Only 500 Copies Pressed
Is "officially" in production & due to be released in July 2013 !!!
Thank you to ALL the band's appearance, their contribution's & to Metal Over Oostrozebeke. MOO7 Festival Belgium date July 20th, 2013

Royalty Free Music SOUNDOTCOM
Royalty Free Music SOUNDOTCOM  (almost 6 years ago)

Hi Friends!
Cool stuff! Keep up the good work)
Are you interested in you own Bandintro or Outro for your live gigs or album? All infos you could find on my reverbnation! Cheers

Dark Angel Heart
Dark Angel Heart  (over 6 years ago)

love your music!!!