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Kap X Cel
Kap X Cel  (2 days ago)
Hey. I'm a featured performer of the Get Money Stop Hatin Tour. This coming June, we are hosting a 6-City East Coast Tour featuring Cory Gunz. If you want to hit the stage, Hit (214) 931-0574 or GMSHTour(dot)com for information. We are looking for new individuals to bring on to the Team. Doing a concert just like this one is how I became part of the Tour. Have a great one.
GMSH New York
GMSH New York  (about 2 months ago)
Hey Fam. The 10th Annual Get Money Stop Hatin Tour will be back in New York on June 5 at West End Lounge with Cory Gunz. I'm selecting some Performers from this event to perform on future stops of the Tour. If you want to get a set, Hit 214-931-0574 or visit the site on my profile for specifics.
Keyz NY
Keyz NY  (about 2 months ago)
What's good Love. I created Unsigned Hype Exposure and work with BBX Radio to cover different tours around the nation. This|In|This coming} June, the 10th Annual GMSH Tour is promoting a Six Date East Coast Tour featuring Cory Gunz. We're selecting a couple Artists from these dates to perform on future stops of the Tour. If you down to get a set, Hit 401-699-2002 or check the site on my page to get the details.
GMSH Tennessee
GMSH Tennessee  (about 2 months ago)
Hello Family. I am the CEO of the Get Money Stop Hatin Tour. This coming June, we are promoting a 6 Date East Coast Tour starring Cory Gunz from Love and Hip Hop. We're choosing a few Performers from these shows to be featured at other dates of the Tour. If you tryin to perform, Contact 818-723-0847 or hit the site on my page to get the specifics.
GMSH Tennessee
GMSH Tennessee  (3 months ago)
Hey Boss. The 10th Anniversary event series of the GMSH Tour is approaching in 2 weeks. We will have 5 stages and several major promoters, industry Artists and DJs, Record Labels, and Radio Stations in attendance. If you tryin to roll out to Austin to get on stage during the biggest festival in the US, reach out to 401-699-2002 or hit the site on my page for details. Be Blessed.
Magna Union Records
Magna Union Records  (4 months ago)
Whats up? My name is Onez Onassis i am a rapper from New york. I am a strong advocate of all artist being sucessful and being heard by people who love music. I started a website for music artist and music lovers called GrindNGain.com. On my site i believe in interaction, My site will host interactive events that will keep people tuned in, We will host contest where artist win real money, you can upload your music and videos, and have your music reviewed. We have a 24/7 streaming radio station where you can get your music played and earn royalties, We have a TV channel where artist will world premiere music videos and we will also produce original content. As a artist you should not have to struggle to find a platform to showcase your music, You should have the platform bring the audience and do that for you and that is what we plan to do. There is no fee to join our site and we dont sell your information to anyone, Our site is 100% secure. I have alway believed in helping serious artist succeed and treat their music as a business where an income can be obtained and that is why GrindNGain is here, I will refer other companies that help independent artist with distribution, promotion, merchandising and marketing of your project. In conclusion i hope you take a second to visit the site and sign up as we continue to develop, you wont be able to see any features or content until you sign up at www.grindngain.com
Mon Boyd
Mon Boyd  (almost 2 years ago)
Yo ! What’s Good with you Fam? This is Mon Boyd , Co Headliner and Manager of the 8th Annual GMSH Tour. We are hosting 40 Events from All this summer with Headliners including Shanell aka SnL (YMCMB), myself, Jayali, and Jess J Jones!!! There is a paid option available. To perform fill this form out: http://bit.ly/GMSH08. If you have any further questions or comments check the website www.getmoneystophatintour.com do not hesitate to call/text us at 317-809-8208 or 401-699-2002. Look to hear from you soon. Peace!
Mullatto Mafioso Records LLC.
Mullatto Mafioso Records LLC.  (almost 5 years ago)
wats good , jus listened to toe tag event ..Im feelin it !! I got some new music up 2 .. come check it out !!
Sheila Ann
Sheila Ann  (almost 5 years ago)
I love your music. And you have a really great style!
Modest  (almost 5 years ago)
I like your music, Keep at it!!! Appreciate if you return the favor and take a listen to my music. Thank you. -Modest