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Rolan  (4 months ago)
There's Always Tomorrow, Great song! And all in a minute and a half! Incredible.Great sound and vocal, interesting bio and point of view. Thanks!
Nancy Woods
Nancy Woods  (4 months ago)
\m/.....Your Music Rocks...........I'm a Fan.....Stop by my page, if you like, Fan me back! Peace......Love.......Music!
John ValAdez
John ValAdez  (4 months ago)
Thanks Nancy! I’ll be sure to check you out! Have a good one!
Urielpiano  (4 months ago)
Amazing voice as is unique --- fit perfect to the songs!
John ValAdez
John ValAdez  (4 months ago)
Thanks so much bud!! I’ll be sure to check out your stuff as soon as I get the chance! Appreciate it! Thanks again!
Jordan E. Spivack
Jordan E. Spivack  (10 months ago)
Exciting songs and vocals!
Rosette Cribben
Rosette Cribben  (12 months ago)
Nice style......
BlueStar ~ Aloisa/Russom
BlueStar ~ Aloisa/Russom  (about 1 year ago)
GREAT Work Here:)!
Three Left
Three Left  (about 1 year ago)
Thanks for the add and good luck in 2017!
Bonde Sem Freio
Bonde Sem Freio  (about 1 year ago)
Happy 2017! Cheers!!! Success!!!
Chad Huffman
Chad Huffman  (about 1 year ago)
Great music great voice keep it up
Xenophanes Productions
Xenophanes Productions  (over 4 years ago)