Johnny Habu & The Rebel Salmon / Comments

MikeWhitePresents  (almost 6 years ago)

totally dig the lo-fi home production sound, cause the songs are so tight and crispy and the vocals deliver on every tune! Favourite would have to be "I Want What I Want.." and "HoneyCunt"..seriously funky and you can never go past with a kazoo playing""

See Jay Run
See Jay Run  (almost 6 years ago)

I'm with Rag Child and Promize, really glad to enjoy Perfect. look forward to analyzing stimulating lyrics when i come back

John Moukarzel
John Moukarzel  (almost 6 years ago)

Nice tracks!

Keyvo Tepes
Keyvo Tepes  (almost 6 years ago)

Stopping by to wish you a Happy Boo-Day!

PROMIZE®  (almost 6 years ago)

Amazing music!We must play on a pumpkin pie day

Maxlink AkA Dark Angel
Maxlink AkA Dark Angel  (almost 6 years ago)

Very best to you!

Mark Buerschaper
Mark Buerschaper  (almost 6 years ago)

We need to send some duct tape and alcohol to Washington. Seriously though, great energy and an original tune in the best way.

Amadeus  (almost 6 years ago)

Johnny Habu is like Elvis on South Park.

Back From Blind
Back From Blind  (almost 6 years ago)

Fun shit Johnny! Thanks for checking us out.

Penny Jayne Black
Penny Jayne Black  (almost 6 years ago)

Hey! Enjoying your music! Listening to 'Duct tape & alcohol' Will be back for more xx