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Rose Finn
Rose Finn  (2 months ago)

Hi Peter having a listen to you day and like your Style very much. Lovely tracks. Love from Rose 🌹 PS. Candle in the dark is very smooth.

Danii D'Silva
Danii D'Silva  (3 months ago)

Cheers for becoming a fan !! I really appreciate your support!! You can also Connect with me via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Thank you again you are awesome !!!

Danii 😉







F.A. Wood
F.A. Wood  (4 months ago)

awesome work !!!!

Rennie D.
Rennie D.  (4 months ago)

Greetings from San Diego! What a beautiful gift of instrumental guitar you have given us! Thanks for becoming a Fan and keep making great music!

The Following
The Following  (5 months ago)

"Celtic memories" wonderful guitar melodies. Superb job! All the best

cole toury project
cole toury project  (5 months ago)

tasteful guitar playing here Peter..nice vibe..Ct

Maggie Laird
Maggie Laird  (6 months ago)

Thanks for the music, Peter. I'm enjoying it and so are my cats!

Lena Andersson Hubbard
Lena Andersson Hubbard  (6 months ago)

MY HUSBAND AND I REALLY ENJOY YOUR STYLE! Very unique if we ever hear you ply we could tell right away. Blessings to you. Keep doing what you do.

Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye  (6 months ago)

Beautiful Peter! Continued success to you! :) xoox

Donna Jo
Donna Jo  (8 months ago)

Beautiful! :0)