Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs / Comments

Five Drexler
Five Drexler  (over 4 years ago)

Just checked out your page, and I became a fan. Im trying to expand as a artist, and Id appreciate if you could return the favor and fan me back, Thanks.

Bleeding Money
Bleeding Money  (over 5 years ago)

Hey whats up!!! Were a punk band from Tampa, FL trying to get a show together on Dec. 10 (Saturday). We were thinking Coasters but I see you have a show on the 5th there. Shot in the dark but we would really love to jam with you. Message us back and let us know either way. CHEERS!!!

JoE Fingas
JoE Fingas  (over 6 years ago)

Hey, Nik, good to see you and you're Mangy Dogs on Reverb Nation. I wrote a song based on your run in w/ the Tourist Council Henchmen. It's called "Rocked to Sleep on the Gulf (for Nik)" and I'll post it on my Reverb page as soon as I can get my lazy ass to do it. Looks like Mista Evil beat me to signing up as a fan but I've always been and will continue to be a big fan of both your music and your heart. I will keep in touch and, hopefully, be able to catch one of your live shows soon. So long for now, Joe