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Spider Minshew
Spider Minshew  (over 4 years ago)

music is to the ear, as picasso is to the eye and purely a matter of each person anaolgy! that being said in all honesty im not sure my opionion is worth much , but you asked so here it is while i like what your doing in part, as a whole it lends its self to a form of monanty ! if you would mere lift up your vocal content your current songs and future would undergo a great upsurge in a more entertaing element and grasp a larger audience . but i have no GOLD record to my name either so its just what i feel may help!

Artificial Dawn
Artificial Dawn  (over 4 years ago)

I hear you, I agree my vocals is my weak point, and I am new to songwriting and singing, but I enjoy it, so I know with time it will come, and I appreciate your feedback thanks.