Cat Ridgeway / Comments

Robin Rendell
Robin Rendell  (8 months ago)

Seriously good and seriously special.

Sirens Harbor
Sirens Harbor  (8 months ago)

Great songwriting and an awesome voice too.
Regards from Vienna, Austria

Somerled  (8 months ago)

great music !! listening to your first track "Aspen"
I'm Loving it : )
wishing you all the best with your music!

- Austin Goodman
- Somerled

take care !

Keld Sand
Keld Sand  (8 months ago)

It is delightful and a great pleasure to listen to your awesome music and your strong, pure, pleasant, beautiful and totally impressive voice! AMAZING!

Alexander McIntosh
Alexander McIntosh  (8 months ago)

Great stuff!! Somehow I find myself back in Aspen again Cat. Sorry I've been neglecting you.

Jody Jaress
Jody Jaress  (8 months ago)

Lovin' your sound!

Be well and successful always...

Qÿko  (8 months ago)

Amazing vocal there. Love your Aspen track.

kevinjhermanmusic  (9 months ago)

Amazing Talent

Bryan J. Nelson
Bryan J. Nelson  (9 months ago)

Very nice. Love Passenger Seat!

Kerry Hansen
Kerry Hansen  (9 months ago)

What a beautiful, pure voice!