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Debbie Kauble
Debbie Kauble  (9 months ago)

Awesome vocals,....beautiful music! So fresh!

Jesse James Alexander
Jesse James Alexander  (10 months ago)

Kudos to you Cat. Lovin' the music. Wishing you lots of success. Much love and respect. --- Peace

Christine Lee
Christine Lee  (10 months ago)

Lovely lyrics. Meaningful song.

DANGSTERSTYLE (Dang Pham)  (10 months ago)

Your music is fantastic. I like it.

Acoustic Happiness (and Ben & Pete)
Acoustic Happiness (and Ben & Pete)  (10 months ago)

You're great! Love your voice and your writing...awesome sound...you've got a true fan here.

Society's Soul
Society's Soul  (10 months ago)

Hi Cat! Thanks for becoming a fan. I really like your music and vocals - great!! You have my support, thanks for yours! It's very appreciated! Best wishes for much success. Have a blessed day. Stay in touch.
Mario M. (Society's Soul)

CASE 150
CASE 150  (10 months ago)

Excellent on all levels!!

bekken  (10 months ago)

I like Keep It Slow

QTING PROPERTY BAND  (10 months ago)

great song and always succes for you :)

Lil Rope
Lil Rope  (11 months ago)

Im really Feeling this!