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Diaroots  (about 2 hours ago)

Like your band , great music.

BASTARD  (about 9 hours ago)

Love the song Black Mirror/ reminds
me of OPETH! Amazing music!

The Amerikills
The Amerikills  (1 day ago)

Love the prog elements. Very different n very good.

Blues System
Blues System  (4 days ago)

Great energy in your music.

Mr. Ouchee
Mr. Ouchee  (6 days ago)

Great Music !!!! If you guys ever need some hip-hop verses to switch it up from time to time get at me...Ouchee !!!

Dina Preston Band "Ambassadors of Goodwill"
Dina Preston Band "Ambassadors of Goodwill"  (6 days ago)

Cranking up "Black Mirror" here in Arizona this afternoon! Love the production layering of vocals and mix on this track! Here's to your continued success! Cheers, DPB

Orangey  (8 days ago)

Black Mirror.Excellent track..Long time no see.

Stress In Continents
Stress In Continents  (9 days ago)

Greetings from the USA: it's like bringing back the 1980s style. Reminds me a little of the band Heart. Nice vocals, Ann!

YgmSquad1000ent  (9 days ago)


Daniel "Blue Shark" Ochoa Valdez
Daniel "Blue Shark" Ochoa Valdez  (10 days ago)

Yeah! Congrats, great tunes! Keep it up! :)