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LINDA STEWART  (8 months ago)

I enjoy watching you create those AWESOME SONGS...I can't wait until we make that video for my song...Sweet Little Linda Marie it's been a long time getting everything ready for my video. PEACE my LOVE

LINDA STEWART  (8 months ago)

I just wanted to thank my newest fan...ROCKING YOUR TUNES BABY

magic marker
magic marker  (8 months ago)

always time for keyvo :)hugs:) becca )

The Ceilings
The Ceilings  (10 months ago)

Love kick it out! Reminds me of Heart :) Keep it up

Monica Dupont and Gary Novak
Monica Dupont and Gary Novak  (10 months ago)

I'm back on my 68th birthday and I missed you !!

EH  (11 months ago)

Rocking tunes here, excellent vintage vibe and feel to it, Mabey I'm Board/Alien Bop has some rocking guitar and bass work in it, Keep Rocking!

Rick Voelker
Rick Voelker  (11 months ago)

Hey John, The sounds of your songs now remind me of the times you were messing around on the 8 channel mixer trying to create some music way back when!! Stick with it, it sounds great.

Ronald Humphrey
Ronald Humphrey  (about 1 year ago)

Pretty rockin. You are right. You do sound like yourself. Great stuff. Rip it up dude. Cheers

EH  (over 1 year ago)

That Funk, nice heavy guitars and bass playing, rocking tune!

Kristi Hann
Kristi Hann  (over 1 year ago)

Sounds good, love the sound. Rock on!!!