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Aaron Dozer
Aaron Dozer  (3 months ago)
Rockin' your jams, my friend!
LINDA STEWART  (8 months ago)
Loving my song, SWEET LITTLE LINDA MARIE it has meant so much to me to know you wrote a song for me let alone taking you five years and maybe more if you'll redo some of the music when you finally get that new studio up and running. I know I've been a brat with all the changes but some things do need changing we have agreed on. In the end I know you'll make me happy, YOU ALWAYS DO....PEACE and LOVE LINDA
Groovy1  (10 months ago)
Hey it's Cesar again. Check out FuManChu on youtube... Let me know what you think
Groovy1  (10 months ago)
Hey John! This is Cesar (Groovy1)..... My fiancé mentioned that you might be interested in jamming.... I would love to join you guys..... I was just listening to some of your music.....You got some great stuff.....let me know if your interested in jamming out this weekend...I just signed up to ReverbNation to post a comment....Great work.......Is that you singing also?
Linda Bateman
Linda Bateman  (about 1 year ago)
It's a shame on LOVE can die so fast, hoping he writes music again, ROCK is what he needs to do. He had music in his heart but it doesn't come out. Why, only he knows. I was a fan but lost interest because he has one day he'll fill his heart again with songs he has inside him.LOVE is gone somewhere...
EH  (over 1 year ago)
That's What You Get, a nice catchy riff and chorus lines and lead take, Rocking!
Linda Bateman
Linda Bateman  (over 1 year ago)
I'm going to be rocking my baby while I slept. LOVE you magic man. I can't wait to hear your new songs. The MAGIC is coming soon, stay tune. Love you darling
Maybe  (almost 2 years ago)
Cooling down with your groovy That´s What You Get...
Madi White
Madi White  (almost 2 years ago)
Nice Page!
Rain King
Rain King  (almost 2 years ago)
A great listen!!