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Jayali the Great
Jayali the Great  (12 months ago)

What’s up fam? The 8th Annual Get Money Stop Hatin Tour starts during the Austin Texas Spring Music Festival March 7-16 w/ Young Buck (G-Unit), Shanell (Young Money), Cory Gunz (Young Money), Lil Flip, IG Model Kim Stamp & others. If you or any artists you know are interested in performing, spots begin at 25 dollars. You can call/text 818-423-5217 and we’ll be happy to get you on the concert. Or you can visit GetMoneyStopHatinTour(dot)com. God bless.

Jayali the Great
Jayali the Great  (about 1 year ago)

What’s up, I’m headlining the GMSH Tour during the Austin Spring Music Festival. These events take place from March 7-16 with Young Buck (G-Unit), Shanell & Cory Gunz of Young Money, Southern Legend Lil Flip, Kim Stamp & more. These events are specifically for indie artists to perform, gain exposure, have full access to major acts, major features, meet & greets, and supply a great overall experience. You look like someone who would want to join the roster or at least know someone who could. Text me for more info. 317-809-8208

Produced by Ralphael
Produced by Ralphael  (almost 3 years ago)

hot shit! im a fan! if you ever need new production for any upcoming projects, check out my website xmpbeats.com! keep up the dope work! hope to hear u over one of my tracks real soon! thanks